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About Us | Danielle Romani, Office staff

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About Us | Danielle Romani, Office staff

Danielle Romani is bookkeeper at Global Ballooning. She joined us, as a bookkeeper, 7 years ago.

Her duties are: Keeping the books looking good

What I like most about my job:   The people I work with; the flexibility; the location; everything

If I could share one tip with a new employee, it would be:   Spend some time getting to know Kiff

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?   The friendly relaxed nature of the office and the fact that we provide a fun exciting experience for people

Describe yourself in three words:   Family Food Fun

What was your worst ever job?   The many many times I have waitressed and proved over and over again that I am the world’s worst waitress.

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be?   Criminal Psychologist or Career Psychologist

How many times have you been ballooning?   3

In which locations have you flown over?   2 * Melbourne, 1 * Yarra Valley

If you could chose one place in the world to fly over in a hot air balloon where would it be?   My mum just flew over Luxor in Egypt in a hot air balloon and said it was absolutely amazing so I would like to go there, and also the African Savannah.

Danielle's background

Mother of 3 who likes to work part time. When I am not working or running after the kids I like to do group exercise in the park and play tennis. I love going on holidays and all the family loves to go camping

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