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About Us | Sanjay Gupta, Pilot

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About Us | Sanjay Gupta, Pilot

Sanjay Gupta is pilot at Global Ballooning. He joined us, as a pilot, 8 years ago.

His duties are: Flying Passenger Balloons in the Beautiful Yarra Valley, Balloon admin, and maintenance.

What I like most about my job:   The happy people in the morning, the positive energy, the beautiful sunrises, the skies, the air, the team, the champagne, what’s there not to like?

If I could share one tip with a new employee, it would be:   Come out and feel the awesome power balloons have on people’s life. It can change yours.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?   Mm, hard to decide, is it the people, the fun, the highs, the flames, the smell of the morning air, the team.

Describe yourself in three words:   Happy, Positive, Content.

What was your worst ever job?   Never had a job I did not love.

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be?   Flying Balloons for Adventure

How many times have you been ballooning?   Lost count

In which locations have you flown over?   The Himalayas, The Thar Desert, The Masai Mara, The Taj Mahal, New Delhi, The Alps in Switzerland, The Arctic Circle over Lapland, The island of Texel, The Loire Valley, The Napa Valley, Monserrat in Spain, Luxemburg, Frankfurt, The Yarra Valley in Australia, Melbourne.

If you could chose one place in the world to fly over in a hot air balloon where would it be?   The Masai Mara has always been my dream. Going there next year. Already have my Kenyan License.

Sanjay's background

Born in New Delhi India, started my association with balloons in 1975 at the age of 15 when my family built the first Indian Balloon and pioneered ballooning in India. Finished my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from India, and Masters degree in robotic systems. Had careers in designing petroleum refineries, and heat exchange equipment, and then moved on to business consulting in the US, Europe, Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Spain, Italy.... Did all this while flying balloons all over the world for fun and as a commercial pilot. Gave up the corporate rat race for the life as a roving balloon pilot, flying balloons for Global Ballooning in the Australian summer, and in Europe in the European summer. Going to Cappadocia in Turkey this winter to fly balloons.

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