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About Us | Pilots and Crew

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About Us | Pilots and Crew


Our Global Ballooning balloon pilots are some of the most experienced commercial balloon pilots in the country. All of our current pilots have been ballooning for over 12 years and all have rich adventure or aviation based histories. They are highly accomplished in their field and  have no hesitation in the assurance that you will be in good hands during the experience of your balloon flight.

Global Ballooning
Kiff Saunders
Big Kahuna and Chief Pilot
Global Ballooning
Nicolas Pedro Brau
Senior Pilot
Global BallooningGlobal BallooningGlobal BallooningGlobal Ballooning
Simon Cassells
Global BallooningGlobal Ballooning
Dean Ragg
Global Ballooning
Victor Myazov
Yarra Valley Pilot


The Global Ballooning ground retrieve crew are an integral part of our morning adventure. Their job entails setting the balloon up for flight, chasing the balloon to the landing point and getting us back to breakfast.

Typically their job looks relatively easy, but in reality, they play a much bigger role than you can imagine in how smoothly and safely the flight is conducted. Our ground crew provide pilots with a tremendous amount of back up support when it comes to weather observations and potential hazards. The are fully conversant with emergency procedures, first aid, landowner relations, driving techniques, customer relations and how to properly pour a glass of Champagne!

All Global Ballooning ground crew undergo cpmprehensive training - this is documented and constantly updated. Global Ballooning conduct quarterly safety seminars for our pilots and crew and re-address all significant safety issues to make sure that complacency is ruled out of our flight operations.

Our crew are definitely the worker bees of your morning balloon flight and generally, if their contribution goes unnoticed, then they have most probably done a good job.

Global BallooningGlobal BallooningGlobal BallooningGlobal Ballooning

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