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About Us | Safety

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About Us | Safety


If you are interested in Safety and the credentials of the company with whom you choose to fly then you have come to the right place. Global Ballooning is regarded as Australia’s most credentialed ballooning company.

With a fleet of fifteen balloons and seven commercial pilots, Global Ballooning is one of Australia’s largest ballooning operations. Our attention to detail is reflected in our everyday approach to the business of ballooning and I am sure if you wish to conduct further research throughout CASA or the ballooning industry you will find the name Global Ballooning is held in the highest regard. Please take the time to review and enjoy our website – what you will see is evidence of a long detailed and safe history in ballooning around Australia and the World.

Global Ballooning Pty Ltd is a registered ‘Charter Airline and flying training facility’ authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), operating under Air Operator Certificate number M543317-06. All of our pilots hold commercial pilot licences (CPL –B) issued by the authority (CASA) and are governed by the same regulations pertaining to any small passenger airline.

Global Ballooning operates one of Australia's few CASA certified commercial balloon flying training facilities. Nearly all balloon pilots flying over Melbourne have come through our flying school or training facilities and as have many pilots flying balloons around Australia. We also have our own CASA approved maintenance workshop allowing us the facility to conduct regular checks on all our aircraft. The good news for you is we are constantly under CASA review through their periodic audit program which maintains the highest standards of procedures.

Our impeccable safety record is due to our commitment to operate Australia's best maintained fleet of balloons. Our Maintenance Manager, Barry Ward has attended maintenance courses at the two leading balloon manufacturers Cameron Balloons in Bristol, England and Kavanagh Balloons in Sydney.

Our director and chief pilot, Kiff Saunders, is a delegate of CASA and is responsible for the issuing of commercial balloon pilot licenses in Australia. He is highly regarded within the industry and holds the highest possible qualifications in ballooning. He has also been inducted into the Australian Ballooning Federation (ABF) Hall of Fame.

Global Ballooning maintains close links with international and national ballooning affiliated governing bodies. We are constantly discussing and updating our practices to reflect the best outcome for safe operations.

This all means that our passengers can rest assured they are enjoying their ballooning experience with one of the safest and most professional companies in the country.

Testimony to our incredible safety record is that after 25 years of ballooning in Australia and over 110,000 passengers having enjoyed our balloon flights we have never made a claim on our insurance (OK there may have been the few bumpy landings over this time but no injury of significance). Now that is pretty impressive for an adventure based company.

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