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Technical details | Safety and Operational requirements

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Technical details | Safety and Operational requirements


Safety Aspects of Ballooning

Global Ballooning Pty Ltd is a registered airline with Australia's Aviation regulatory body CASA. We have approval to operate commercial balloon flights under Air Operators Certificate #......

This means that we are required by CASA to have the same safety procedures as any small airline operating in Australia. This covers pilot licencing, operational procedures and aircraft maintenance. We are subjected to regular CASA audits and are governed by the Civil Aviation Regulations.

All of Global Ballooning's pilots hold Commercial Pilots Licences (Balloons).  A commercial balloon pilot's training is as equivalently technical and involved as that of a fixed wing commercial pilot. 

Global Ballooning is also the only ballooning company to hold quarterly Safety Seminars for all operations staff. These are documented and sent to CASA.

Kiff Saunders heads up Global Ballooning's operations and is only one of eight commercial examiners issued a delegation by CASA to issue commercial balloon pilot licences.

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