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About Us | Environmental Policy

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About Us | Environmental Policy


Green Fleet

Environmental Policy

Global Ballooning Australia is a commercial hot air ballooning operator offering hot air balloon flights over Melbourne and Yarra Valley. Headed by one of Australia’s leading balloonists, Kiff Saunders we take great pride in offering our passengers a safe, pleasurable, value for money and sustainable adventure experience.

As a result by flying with Global Ballooning Australia you will be helping to restore biodiversity and essential habitat for native fauna, improve water quality and salinity problems. This native vegetation is also protected for at least 100 years, so you can be rest assured that the benefits will be around for generations. As a leading hot air balloon company in Victoria we are proud to be the first and only Victorian operator to publicly commit to neutralising our greenhouse gas emissions. We are taking on a leadership role in an area where we can make a difference and set an example to our industry

Our Commitment

This Environmental Policy covers all activities carried out by Global Ballooning Australia:

  • We will identify, promote and strive to achieve best environmental practice in its management systems and operations;
  • Are committed to operating in an ecologically sustainable manner by reducing waste and the use of energy and resources;
  • We will provide an environmentally sound workplace, and progressively implement a range of environmentally sound work practices;
  • We will work closely with employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders to develop and implement agreed environmental initiatives consistent with this policy;
  • We will explore opportunities for improved environmental awareness within our relationships with stakeholders

Global Ballooning Australia Short Term Goals

Global Ballooning has already undertaken a range of initiatives to reduce the company's gross greenhouse emissions. In 2014/15 a range of further initiatives are being implemented including:

  • Purchase of 20% Government accredited Green Power
  • Updating low efficiency office lighting to more energy efficient devices;
  • Reducing electricity consumption by turning office equipment off when not in use;
  • Complete certification of support by offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet
  • Encouraging gift vouchers to be received my email to reduce paper, ink and postage use

What you can do today to save energy at home:

Balloons saved every year*

Don't overheat the house
Set your system's thermostat at 18-20°C in winter and no less than 26°C in summer.

7,200 balloons

Keep showers short
Keep your shower under four minutes.

16,000 balloons

Seal the gaps
Put draught stoppers on all your doors and windows.

800 balloons

Switch appliances off at the wall
Switch appliances off at the power point when they're not in use .

7,800 balloons

Switch to energy saving light globes
Replace conventional incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light globes.

2,000 balloons

Turn lights off
Don't leave the lights on when no one is in the room. If you are going to be out of the room for more than five minutes, turn off the light.

700 balloons

Turn off the extra fridge
A fridge uses the most electricity of any appliance in the house - switch off your second fridge.

20,000 balloons

Wash your clothes in cold water
Switch to a cold wash every time.

4,300 balloons

* One balloon = 50 grams of greenhouse gas

Source: www.saveenergy.vic.gov.au

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