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About Us | Testimonials

I was very impressed with your check in system for the hot air balloon flights! David was a very engaging pilot on the morning. 
Jodie - 9 May 13
We were given this Yarra valley flight as an engagement present and the overall experience was very good.
I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as our pilot didnt seem very interested in us at the start and the crew were talking to us more.
I appreciate all the effort that would go into the entire experience, the pilot's experience, safety issues and the big job of getting the balloon ready and packing it back up again... 
The flight was lovely and i didnt mind helping to get everything started.. but at the end it was difficult cause the paddock we landed in was really bad.. but that can't be helped i spose!
The breakfast at Rochfords was lovely - someone on here complained about it and i dont know how they can.. but each experience to their own.. you were never short of food or any drink you needed. Also, the pilot sat with us for breakfast and reclaimed himself and we had a good chat. I'm very grateful for the experience. However, for the money its worth, i would only do it again if i didnt have to pack it up.. lazy/selfish me? maybe.. probably. And again.. i understand why its alot easier for us to help.. but its alot of money.. But im sure other people really get a kick out of it!
Anonymous - 6 May 13
We had a wonderful experience. Brian, our pilot and crew were friendly and informative. 
Harry - 2 May 13
ow! My dear friend A..a took me on a balloon flight over Melbourne this Anzac day morning. In short, it was a fantastic experience that I would highly recomend to anyone. The flight was so peaceful yet exciting as we drifted along at the mercy of the prevailing wind. We saw Melbourne from a completely different perpective and it looked so beautiful as the sun beams broke through over the Dandenong ranges. Our pilot, Nick, was very skillful and experienced and we felt completely safe. Although there are many suitable landing sites, it took a while to find one that lined up with our trajectory, so we just kept on drifting. We thought was great, as we were enjoying the flight so much that we never wanted to land! Eventually, we came back to earth in a paddock near Roweville, as distance of about 40km (by road). A beautiful experience.
Anonymous - 25 Apr 13
I really appreciated the professionalism of Dean whilst in the air! 
Lorraine - 17 Apr 13
Nick was a great pilot and everyone is very helpful!
Murray - 14 Apr 13
My partner and I went ballooning with Global on Sunday. We had a fantastic time and experienced all round great service from an enthusiastic, professional and well organised team. They were spot on with timing and made sure we knew exactly what was happening prior to and throughout the morning. Nothing was too much hassle, and they happily dropped us back at our hotel for breakfast and showed us our photos before everyone else so we would be back on time.

The flight itself, amazing! We highly recommend it! Hats off to our pilot Kiff who was great!!
Anonymous - 9 Apr 13
We had an amazing morning! Thank you! 
Ken.W - 7 Apr 13
Dean our pilot was very skills, calm and informative. 
Philip - 5 Apr 13
Today I had the great chance to go on a balloon flight. 
For me, as a backpacker, a good opportunity to see Australia from a different perspective. 
I've never done it before and for me it was very interesting to see how everything works to get the balloon in the air and back on the trailer again. 
I liked it that all the passengers were involved in making that happen. 
The instructions were short and clear and they also thought about older people. Safety first. 

The crew was in my opinion very profesional. Sometimes a joke in between with the passengers, but also with each other. You can see that they love their job. 

From the beginning everything went smooth and fast. 
You arrive, fill in a form, get some coffee or thee, and when everyone is ready, you go outside to the bus from your pilot. 
Everything was prepared and ready to go. 
Ones at the place of departure, some clear instructions and within a short time everyone was in the basked and we took off. 
So impressive to see how that goes. 

We had a full hour to enjoy the view and ones in the air we could see the sunrise. 
The Yarra Valley is beautiful and worth seeing it!

Our pilot Dean did great and after a very comfortable flight we landed soft and perfectly in the middle of a field. 
As a team we made it to get the balloon all packed on the trailer again and ones back at the vineyard, the friendly staff was waiting for us with champagne. 
Dean told us some of the history of ballooning and as the finishing touch we had a great breakfast. 

I'm very happy with this experience and I will never forget it.
Laura - 4 Apr 13

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