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About Us | Testimonials

This was my third balloon experience and the best. The confirmation and transport arrangements were very good.  I understand the "fragile" nature of a booking for flying, because it is dependent on the weather, but these guys were great.  Our pilot Nick was very professional, but more than that I watched his interaction with his other pilots, and they were all working for the safety of all three balloons. They were a professional unit and no-one can ask for more.  On a personal note, I work in a particularly specialised field, where there is an extremely limited number of people with similar skills, but like you, my clients expect the best. I always try to deliver, but you guys did deliver. I watched Nick throughout the flight and listened to the conversations. You worked as a team and the result was amazing to watch.
Trevor - 31 Oct 12
Dave's commentary was excellent.
Anonymous - 19 Oct 12
I was a little bit hesitant when making a booking as I knew my Dad has a tiny frame and would struggle to climb into the basket. Dad told me that everyone was fantastic helping them into the basket. Someone even took the time to take a photo of Mum and Dad in the basket together. I write this with tears in my eyes thinking about the great experience you gave my parents, going above and beyond.
Rebeka - 17 Oct 12
The experience was carried out excellently! !  
L.Honey - 16 Oct 12
Thank you, I had a beautiful experience. 
Beth M - 12 Oct 12
Loved the experience. Pilot and Crew fantastic! 
Lesely - 12 Oct 12
Awesome experience, certainly recommend Global Ballooning to family and friends.
Sharon - 12 Oct 12
Loved the champagne blessing !!! Dean was great !! Simon, what a crack up! He was great. Loved the banter between the team!
Anonymous - 4 Oct 12
Thank you to our pilot Dave on sunday 20th May 2012 for a fantastic morning flight and service. Jason And Roseanne, Tasmania
Jason and Roseanne - 28 May 12

It was an unforgettable experience, the crew members to mention, pilots David and his co partner Brian for extra mention. Please pass on to them and also Erin in the office, the breakfast at the Hilton was most enjoyable. Finally a special thanks for allowing my daughter and her 2 children, 11 yrs and 9 yrs to watch the take off and take photos. She paid for my trip. I will recommend Global Ballooning to everybody I speak to.

Marianne - 11 May 12

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