Rosé Evolution is back for 2021!

This nine-day festival of spring events heroes the pale, dry and delicious wines of the Yarra Valley, whether they be fizzy, natty or just pink! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the sky with a rosé in your hand, then wonder no more as Global Ballooning Australia launches its exclusive floating wine tasting tour in a hot air balloon for Rosé Evolution. This unique tasting event is available for five days only and with limited tickets. Set to air between 20th – 24th November, guests will witness the stunning views of Yarra Valley...

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by Mandy Ho | 2 days ago

History of hot air ballooning – A timeline

1783 - September 19 Scientist Francois Pilatre De Rozier launched his 'Aerostat Reveillon - the first hot air balloon on record. However, the balloon rose off the ground for only 15 minutes before landing back on the ground. Thankfully the ballooning passengers - a sheep, a duck, and a rooster - survived. Image credit: Time Magazine 1783 - November 21 Only two months after De Rozier’s attempt, the Montgolfier brothers Joseph and Etienne launched the first manned balloon in Paris. Made from paper and silk the balloon was manned by Francois Pilatrê de Rozier and Francois Laurent. The 20 minute flight over...

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by Grace Smith | 6 days ago

Global Ballooning Australia 2021: 3-Way Giveaway

3 Way Giveaway – Cherry Hill x Global Ballooning x Rochford   Experience the best of the Yarra Valley with this exclusive giveaway worth up to $980! Winner receives: A midweek sunrise hot air balloon flight in the Yarra Valley for 2 people, A day of cherry picking at Cherryhill Orchards Coldstream and, Lunch for 2 at Rochford Wines. Competition rules: Like this post Tag friends that you’d like to go with. Each person you tag = 1 entry. Make sure you and your tagged friends follow @globalballooningaustralia, @rochfordwines and @cherryhill_orchards For an extra entry, share this post in your stories...

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by Grace Smith | Oct 20, 2021

Georgia Lands Her Dream Job!

Hot air balloon pilot, Georgia Croft, is excited to show High Country visitors the incredible views from her brand new workplace, high above the scenic landscape and rolling hills of Mansfield and Mt Buller.   At 24, she is one of only five female hot air balloon pilots in Australia, finding a new passion, and a new career, after working as ground crew for her friend at a national hot air ballooning competition. She was hooked, and immediately swapped her undergraduate studies in Anthropology to focus instead on meteorology and microclimates, the art of navigation and the principles of aeronautics. Joining Global Ballooning Australia, Georgia steadily accumulated her 75 flying hours, and made her debut in the competition...

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by Georgia Croft | Sep 15, 2021

Tripping the Flight Fantastic

The world’s first manned hot-air balloon flight was from a chateau in the Bois de Bologne in Paris in 1783, witnessed by a crowd estimated at a rather Trumpian 400,000, including Louis XVI and Benjamin Franklin. This morning we can only muster a few cows in a field off the Maroondah Highway near Mansfield, central Victoria. Still, we’re asked to be mindful of their presence in the pre-dawn gloom, mainly because of what we may step in. Keeping well back while the craft is “fuelled”, we finally get the boarding call from Global Ballooning pilot Georgia Croft and have...

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by Jeremy Bourke, Weekend Australian | Sep 9, 2021

LIGHTER THAN AIR: Australian Ballooning History

I have always been great fan of History – it was my favourite subject at school, and I always find myself gravitating towards literature based on events and exploits of days gone by. In many ways this appreciation of the deeds of remarkable pioneers and fearless adventurers has inspired me to travel and to also push myself onwards into the unchartered waters of discovery within myself. As we busily go through our day-to-day life, we tend not to consider that our time on this planet may also one day be part of history. It is only until a dedicated...

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by Kiff Saunders | Aug 24, 2021

The complete guide to Ballooning like a dad this Father’s Day

Here at Global Ballooning Australia, we appreciate all the different dads in our lives. No two are the same. Although dads have a way of, well… being dads. From the caring stereotypes to the downright cringe. But we love them, and we know you do too. This guide will show you why a balloon flight this Father’s Day is the perfect gift for all types of dads in your life, no matter the stereotype.     The DIY/Handyman Dad – We all know a dad like this in our lives. The one who seems to have been building a...

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by Harry | Aug 13, 2021

Quintessential Mansfield experience guide - 2021

  See the best of Victoria’s high country and the majestic countryside of Mansfield. Have you been needing a getaway from busy streets and a fast-paced life? Are you looking to escape to the serene country with vast natural views and nestled within the Alpine Ranges? If yes, then Mansfield is your golden ticket. A nature lovers paradise just two and a half hours from Melbourne. With this experience guide and special offers from across the Mansfield area, you will never want to return to the city life. Soak up the spectacular Alpine scenery this winter in Mansfield.   ...

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by Harry | Jun 29, 2021

7 reasons why a hot air balloon flight is a perfect incentive & team building activity!

Strong organizations are the result of strong teams and one great way of building a strong team is through a memorable ballooning experience. With an ideal climate, beautiful landscape and an award-winning balloon operator, Yarra Valley and Mansfield are considered some of the best ballooning destinations in Australia.     1. Tick off their ultimate travel bucket list Most people love a little adventure, and ballooning is the perfect ‘soft adventure’. You do not need to be fit; ballooning is ageless, and appeals to almost everybody. A ballooning adventure is a sensory experience that is filled with changing hues of light, sounds and spectacular...

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by Mandy Ho | Apr 16, 2021

'Love Letter to Melbourne’ Fact Sheet

Here floats a time capsule of the year gone by, a traumatic period for so many. This spectacular floating pop of colour will symbolise our road to recovery and farewell to what has been a challenging 2020 for many in Victoria.  We are extremely excited to reveal our 'Love Letter to Melbourne’  Balloon! In successfully flying this hot air balloon over the city, we are celebrating hundreds of hours of work that has gone into conceptualising, campaigning, designing, and building this incredibly unique project.  Here are some facts about it:     The Balloon The balloon has been built by Kavanagh...

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by Pato Saunders | Mar 29, 2021