2nd Anniversary surprise - Sep 16, 2020

"I started off booking this hot air ballooning trip as a two year anniversary surprise.

Me and my partner live on the  Gold Coast, we both met each other in Melbourne so we decided to celebrate our two year anniversary in Melbourne. I didn’t want to do another hotel and fancy dinner to celebrate, I wanted to do something special that we both would never forget. I was hesitant of booking this at first because of a lot of complications that could arise if the winds weren’t blowing in the right direction or if the weather decided to change.

In the end my eagerness to experience hot air ballooning inspired me to book it and I’m very happy that I did. 


When we arrived to Melbourne I told my partner briefly that we would need to wake up at 3am for a surprise, he was angry at first because he didn’t want to wake up so early since we were on holiday but he trusted me. Once our alarms rang for 3am we jumped in the shower and I casually explained to him that we would be hot air ballooning this morning. His reaction was priceless, he was half asleep and when I said what we’d be doing he was shocked but then he started laughing and I knew he was looking forward to it too.

2nd Anniversary surprise


The highlight of the experience was seeing the ground become smaller and smaller as we flew up into the sky. The view was breathtaking even though it was terrifying being up so high. The aeronaut told us to relax and take photos but me and my partner were frozen at the beginning once we realised how high we were, but afterwards we soon relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. Before the experience me and my partner were excited and calm, once we were up in the sky we were anxious and terrified but then soon relaxed and enjoyed every second. 

2nd Anniversary surprise

We flew up over Melbourne city at sunrise. At the beginning we saw a lovely sunrise that had me glued to my phone taking as many photos as I could. Then we passed some suburbs and greenery. Then we flew straight to the city. That was crazy. We flew right up over the tallest buildings looking down was nauseating because people looked like ants below. It was so cool to fly right up over the city I took so many photos! The whole thing was over in an hour but it was so amazing.

2nd Anniversary surprise

Hot air ballooning was almost what I expected it to be, fun, exhilarating, terrifying and extraordinary. It definitely exceeded my expectations as it was more extreme. 

I chose Global Ballooning because the availability matched our anniversary dates perfectly and I liked the package also. I would highly recommend ballooning to others, it’s a perfect way to take in spectacular views of the city or landscapes from the sky, it’s perfect for couples, friends or family. Overall an amazing experience, I would do it again tomorrow. 

2nd Anniversary surprise

I want to say thank you Global Ballooning for an amazing experience, me and my partner will never forget it. We enjoyed every second and will definitely be doing another hot air ballooning experience in the future".

- Selina & Luke

by Selina Jons / Erin Tucci

2nd Anniversary surprise

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