Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers - Jun 10, 2016

Be a unique traveller and travel through the sky instead of using the sidewalk.

Instead of following people on foot and sifting through the crowds whilst trying to peak at the world around, give hot air ballooning a go and view the sights of Melbourne City and the Yarra Valley without any interruptions - just the calm of drifting up above the skyscrapers and busy Melbourne streets or the rolling fields and lush vineyards of the Yarra Valley.

Now that you may have decided to see Melbourne or the Yarra Valley in the most special way possible, let’s go through some quick tips to make sure that your (early) morning up in the clouds is as enjoyable as possible!

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers

1. When should you book your hot air balloon ride?

Although we have flights seven days a week, all year round, weekend flights tend to book out quickly, so get in early if you want to fly on a Saturday or Sunday (four weeks in advance). Hot air ballooning is an amazing experience no matter what time of the year you do it, but we recommend Autumn and Spring since weather is more predictable, and the trees, vineyards and wild flowers look stunning too!

We also highly recommend booking your flight early in your trip (if you are travelling from overseas). That way, in case the weather isn’t favourable on your flight date, we can arrange for you to fly on an alternative day if you contact us early to re-book.

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers

2. Patience is the name of the game:

Believe us when we say we want to get you up in the air as much as you do! Sometimes mother nature is not in our favour and since we only fly our passengers in safe weather conditions, this could mean we may have to reschedule your flight for another day if the weather gods are in a bad mood. If we cancel your flight due to bad weather, you can re-book for up to twelve months, because of course, nothing makes us happier than fulfilling your dream to fly!

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers

3. Get a good night’s rest!

In order to make sure we get you that picture perfect view of the sun rising over the Melbourne City skyline, or the Yarra Valley ranges, we ask that you get a good night’s rest and are ready to meet us about 1 hour before sunrise.
Even the grumpiest of early risers forgive the start time once they are in our wicker baskets about to float up, up and away!

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers


The temperature in your hot air balloon will be very close to what it is on the ground that morning, and as we fly with the wind there won’t be any wind factor.
The best way to dress for the day is in comfortable layers, so you can shed them as you warm up throughout the morning.
It can get quite warm under the balloon burners, so you will feel as though you are standing by a camp fire.

Comfortable footwear is also recommended since you’ll be standing in the basket, not sitting. Don't wear high heels as they are not suitable. Runners or comfortable flat shoes are recommended. Since we’re likely to be taking off from farmland or a park, wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty or wet. Bring an extra change of socks in case your feet get wet.

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers


Although you want to spend more time just soaking in the amazing views and being in the moment, it would a shame to go home without some panoramic snaps to remember the occasion.

A GoPro will get you some incredible wide angle shots, but with views as spectacular as they are, any camera will do!

Just remember to have them secured to your neck or wrist with a lanyard, it’s a long way for a camera to fall if you drop it and would be very difficult for us to locate it if you did drop it!

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers

6. Be ready for the smoothest flight of your life:

Leave the motion sickness pills behind, a hot air balloon flight will definitely be the smoothest flight you’ll ever go on. The basket hardly moves as you drift up into the sky, and if you can handle a car ride, then hot air ballooning will be unlikely to cause you any discomfort. It will feel as though you're watching the sunrise from a floating balcony.

7. Don’t hesitate to ask questions:

Our staff are all highly experienced customer service professionals and love talking about all things ballooning! At the time of booking, our reservations staff are happy to help you with any enquiry you have to help making the booking process easy and quick.

If you do decide to book a hot air ballooning experience with us, don't forget to ensure you have read and understood your flight confirmation. This is emailed to you and has ALL the details you need to know, including how to check in for your flight!

Pilots have a great knowledge of areas they are flying over and have been balloon pilots for many years. Use them to make the most of your experience - they are your personal tour guides in the sky! 

by Peter de Sousa

Hot Air Balloon Flights: 7 Tips for First Timers

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