Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning - Aug 21, 2020

A personal experience of ballooning in Mansfield

When Mansfield was mentioned at Global Ballooning as a possible new ballooning site – it bought back many fond memories of flying there when we were part of the Ballooning Association of Victoria.

About 3 years ago we had a small 77 balloon and basket – my husband Graeme being a private balloon pilot for many years.  We did many flights over the years with our children, family and friends – flying mainly with Jenny Houghton and her balloon at Euroa over the Strathbogie Ranges.  We would land in farmers paddocks and once the envelope was packed up we would set up a picnic table and have a breakfast of chicken & champagne and talk about how we would not want to be anywhere else at that moment.

Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning

- Image by Ain Raadik

When we belonged to BAV ( Balloon Association of Victoria) we had many great weekends with them away at various locations – one of these was Mansfield.

Mansfield is such a beautiful town with stunning scenery and we were made to feel very welcome by the locals.

One particular morning at Mansfield we got up to go ballooning and it was perfect.  The club had many balloons participating that morning and it also attracted a lot of the locals who of course wanted to ride in our baskets.

Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning 

-Image by Ain Raadik

Hot air ballooning in Mansfield was magic! – although once again I was on the ground as crew and retrieve ! This became my job more and more as once you have been ballooning you want other people around you  to experience the pure joy of what is to unfold once you lift off – because on a perfect still morning with the sun just coming up it is like nothing I have ever experienced before and apart from when the burners are on – the silence and the scenery around you of the morning just waking up is breathtaking!

Mansfield has a lot to offer with very affordable accommodation, wineries, pubs and produce stores – and with the current restrictions that we are all in at the moment – once these are lifted Mansfield will once again be a great place to visit.

Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning


If you are thinking about booking a Global Ballooning flight in the near future – consider Mansfield and all it has to offer as somewhere a bit different.  At the moment we are gathering lots of information that we will have available for you should you choose this location once the restrictions are lifted and we are back in the air again.

We at Global Ballooning are very passionate about what we do and we always try to offer the best customer service we can – if you have a question or a request that  we can’t answer at the time we will always refer this to our operations team or pilots – so we can give you a clear understanding of your request .

During this pandemic our Global Ballooning office has continued to stay open for our current passengers and any new passengers that would like to fly with us over either Melbourne, Yarra Valley or Mansfield.

If you are going to go ballooning “GO GLOBAL”


Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning

Image by Ain Raadik


by Lyn Drummond

Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning

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