The complete guide to Ballooning like a dad this Father’s Day - Aug 13, 2021

Here at Global Ballooning Australia, we appreciate all the different dads in our lives. No two are the same. Although dads have a way of, well… being dads. From the caring stereotypes to the downright cringe. But we love them, and we know you do too. This guide will show you why a balloon flight this Father’s Day is the perfect gift for all types of dads in your life, no matter the stereotype.


The complete guide to Ballooning like a dad this Father’s Day


The DIY/Handyman Dad –

We all know a dad like this in our lives. The one who seems to have been building a shed for the past 5 years. The one who is always saying “don’t take it to a repair shop, I can fix it.” The dad with a tool box that seems to grow by itself, year after year. We love him, but we have enough makeshift crooked furniture for a lifetime. A ballooning experience is perfect for this dad. Our expert pilots have been ballooning with us for many years and have rich histories of ballooning throughout Australia and the world. Their knowledge is unrivalled and they are sure to keep the DIY dad in your life entertained with ballooning know how during his flight. Who knows, he may try to build his own balloon afterwards (although we don’t encourage this of course… looking at YOU dad).

The ‘Dad Joke’ Dad –

You all knew this dad would make an appearance. The dad who considers himself a comedian. Who thinks he would have made a better lead in Seinfeld than Jerry himself. The dad you reluctantly introduce to your friends, full knowing the horror that is to come. There is almost never a location or scenario he won’t chime in with an entirely inappropriate and unnecessary joke. This dad is always looking for more material, and just imagine the number of jokes he can create after his ballooning experience. We have a few pre-flight suggestions for him: “I invented a cold air balloon, but it didn’t really take off.” Or, “I saw a lion get into a hot air balloon basket. It caused quite an uproar.” One more, “I’m not sure whether or not to quit my job as a hot air balloon instructor. It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.” Ok we are done now!

The Hipster Dad –

This one hits too close to home. Seen walking the streets of Brunswick with a fisherman’s beanie on his head and a kombucha in hand. He makes cold brewed coffee at home and travels via his electric scooter. An avid buyer of moustache wax and patterned socks. This dad would jump at the opportunity to fly over Melbourne. Imagine how many of his favourite coffee spots he could point out as he soars above. Just don’t ask him about his experience, he won’t stop talking about it, we are sure.

The Outdoors/Adventure Dad –

This one is a gimme. Our balloon flights are perfect for all the outdoors loving dads. What better way to see the beautiful surrounds than from above, especially when flying with us over Yarra Valley and Mansfield. This dad lives in his 4WD more than his home. This dad lives for the early rises, rucksack, and swag by his side, he prefers a sleep among the stars. A flight is the perfect way to start an adventurous day for this dad.

The Emotional/Romantic Dad –

You can’t watch a film without this dad bawling his eyes out at some point. ‘Les Misérables’, good luck getting through the first act. ‘Paddington’, he has this covered, just the family dynamics are enough to start the waterworks. ‘Spiderman’, don’t mention Uncle Ben around him. This is that sweet, caring dad we all know and love. The one that can’t get enough of a little romance. Well, there is nothing more romantic than a hot air balloon flight, even if he experiences it solo. Soaring above the hills of Mansfield, or over the lush wineries of Yarra Valley, or even seeing our spectacular city of Melbourne as it wakes. We are sure this dad will treasure this experience forever.

The Geek/Creative Dad –

This dad has a collection of 1930’s-50’s robot figurines. You will see him at all the Marvel film premieres, dressed up as the hulk of course. He had a train set when he was a kid, and still pulls it out when the kids aren’t home. This dad has a hobby and puts everything into it, whether it is painting or mastering the art of taekwondo. A balloon flight for this dad is sure to push forth a new hobby for him, one we are sure will result in future balloon obsessions (miniature hot air balloon sets anyone?).

The Hero Dad –

We think all of the above dads fall into this category. The dads that are all incredible in their own ways. The ones we want to show our appreciation to, for their awesomeness and craziness all at once. For everything they have done for us, as well as everything we wish they wouldn’t do. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation to the dad/s in your life with the greatest gift of all, an experience high above with Global Ballooning Australia!


The complete guide to Ballooning like a dad this Father’s Day


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by Harry

The complete guide to Ballooning like a dad this Father’s Day

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