The Global Green Team's date with the environment! - Aug 31, 2016

After a successful volunteer tree planting day with TreeProject in June 2016, the Global green team took to Lysterfield National Park on 19th of August 2016 for another successful day out with our partner, Greenfleet. Other supporters from Disney, Europcar, Kings Transport and Telstra also joined us.

It is always a good feeling when we get out of the office to plant native trees - there is a strong emotional connection of what we are achieving and it shows us where our contribution to offsetting our flights goes.  

As Greenfleet say: 'There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!' and therefore, we got stuck into our tree planting with the rain and wind joining us. 1,800 trees and 4 hours later we had completed our day in the forest.

The Global Green Team's date with the environment!

Information from Greenfleet:

Greenfleet and Lysterfield National Park ‘go way back’, all the way to 2005 when the first revegetation project began. Over the course of several years, 10 ha and 21,000 native trees were planted. Kangaroo Apple, Dogwood and Tree Violet are just some of the quirky named trees found through the forest. Don’t let the names fool you, these magnificent trees are creating self-sustaining, multi-species forests restoring the natural ecosystem and guzzling tonnes and tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.  

Lysterfield National Park is a popular destination for the locals around Victoria. Less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne City, you are surrounded by the Aussie bush. The outdoor activities are endless; hiking, mountain bike riding and of course the lake for all those aquatic lovers. Not to forget our furry friends, the Lysterfield National Park and particularly the Greenfleet planting sites shelter many birds and kangaroo mobs. 

The Global Green Team's date with the environment!

Thanks to Greenfleet for allowing us to restore forests to protect the climate and offset emissions for our balloon flights over Melbourne and Yarra Valley!


The Global Green Team's date with the environment!

by Kate Esposto

The Global Green Team's date with the environment!

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