Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights - Dec 17, 2015

The Global Team are incredibly lucky to have gained a new partner - Zonzo Estate, who have 2 new balloons with us, one in Melbourne and the other in the Yarra Valley.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

Amber Saunders from Zonzo Estate has given us some insight into the history and their partnership with us -

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

Give us a brief run-down/history of Zonzo Estate…

In March 2007 we opened our restaurant located on the property of Train Trak Winery and last year we purchased the vineyard from Train Trak and renamed it “Zonzo Estate”.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

Our restaurant is open for lunch between Wednesday through Sunday and dinner Friday to Sunday, serving Italian food made to be shared and savoured. We’re nurturing 45 acres of vines for imminent vintages by two of the Yarra Valley’s best winemakers.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

Since 2011 we have won the Victorian Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA) every year, in the ‘Restaurant Reception’ category. We were also voted the number one Restaurant Reception in Australia at the ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards in 2015 so weddings are certainly an important feature of Zonzo Estate.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

How has your experience been with our ballooning partnership so far?

Global Ballooning Australia have been exceptional to liaise with! The balloon is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. If we have a question, it is sure to be answered within minutes. If we need to organise a group ride, it is completed within an hour. There has been nothing but good things come from the relationship between Zonzo Estate and Global Ballooning Australia.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

What do you think of your balloon with the Zonzo Estate logo on it?

We absolutely love it! Our favourite thing in the world is getting tagged in pictures from friends and customers! We love that everyone is loving our balloon as much as we are! Some of the images are phenomenal.

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

We launched the balloon in October 2015. Have you found that it has raised exposure for your brand in the small time that you have had the balloon with us? Did the Yarra Valley Balloon Festival (YVBF) assist with exposure of your brand?

Yes, most definitely. With re-branding, we wanted to get our name out there AND what better way than with a balloon! We have put a lot of effort in making ‘Zonzo Estate’, and finalising our new website, working hard to release our first estate wines (April 2016). I really think the balloon has assisted in bringing attention to Zonzo Estate. As I said previously, we have had heaps of customers tagging us in photos, even sending them through on email. Even staff receive messages from family and friends who have seen the balloon floating around their neighbourhoods. The YVBF was a huge success. We have received some very positive emails from that evening. Anything with the hot air balloon puts a smile on our face!

Zonzo Estate

957 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, 3775

03 9730 2500



by Kate Esposto

Zonzo Estate Reaches New Heights

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