Ultimate Melbourne EXPERIENCE Gift Guide 2020

Ever Researched your own city like you’d never experienced it before OR lived like a ‘tourist’ in your own backyard?  Well, this is YOUR time to do, see, eat all things ‘Melbourne’ and we’ve sourced THE best experience gifts just in time for Christmas with a special treat for you, your loved ones or your colleagues… Global Ballooning Australia  You’ve arrived to this page so we’re assuming ballooning over the city of Melbourne (the ONLY major city in the world you can balloon over commercially!) OR exploring the most beautiful wine region and the 90+ wineries that live in the area –...

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by Kate Esposto | Nov 20, 2020

My Solo trip to Melbourne

"Flying in a hot air balloon has always been part of my bucket list. So, when I went on my solo trip to Melbourne, I found the opportunity with Global Ballooning Australia and took it!  It started with waking up at 3am to get on our tour bus from the city to Yarra Valley. When we got there, we helped set up the balloons then took flight in the dark.   As soon as we were in the sky, the sunrise welcomed us with the most breathtaking view. We saw the valley beneath us, filled with grapevines,...

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by Paulina Roa | Sep 23, 2020

'A Love Letter to Melbourne'

We are producing A TIME CAPSULE OF this MOMENT IN TIME – an Aerial LOVE LOCK BRIDGE that suspends messages of hope that capture the spirit, vibe and cultural diversity of Melbourne. A MELBOURNE balloon, adorned with 5000 messages created by the people who love this city, for the people of Melbourne.      The balloon will consist of thousands of individual tags or messages designed and printed around the message “WE ARE MELBOURNE”. Our aim is to capture the essence and microculture that exists when strolling the laneways and back alleys of this city – an artwork that...

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by Kiff Saunders | Sep 17, 2020

2nd Anniversary surprise

"I started off booking this hot air ballooning trip as a two year anniversary surprise. Me and my partner live on the  Gold Coast, we both met each other in Melbourne so we decided to celebrate our two year anniversary in Melbourne. I didn’t want to do another hotel and fancy dinner to celebrate, I wanted to do something special that we both would never forget. I was hesitant of booking this at first because of a lot of complications that could arise if the winds weren’t blowing in the right direction or if the weather decided to change. In...

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by Selina Jons / Erin Tucci | Sep 16, 2020

Hot Air ballooning for Christmas

As a Christmas gift to Laura, partner Adrian bought tickets to fly with Global Ballooning over Yarra Valley, which they booked in for the following April.   "The experience is like a mix of excitement and bit of adrenaline, followed by absolute peace, calm and an overwhelming sense of wonder in the beauty of the world. There’s nothing quite like sailing with the wind at dawn over a beautiful landscape. We really live in an amazing country and experiencing it from a hot air balloon can’t be compared to anything else!"    What were the highlights? "How do you pick...

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by Erin Tucci / Laura O'Brien | Sep 4, 2020

Sky's the limit

- A personal balloon story by Precious Carmela Casao "Last January, just a little over a month after our wedding, we embarked on yet another trip to Melbourne for our first honeymoon as husband and wife. We have grown fondly of this lovely city, its picturesque architecture, lively atmosphere and of course, its warm and hospitable people. This is our third time to visit Melbourne over the past few years and each trip, we were able to partake in an activity that is unique to the city. For 2020, we decided we would go hot air ballooning. Months before, we already...

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by Precious Carmela Casao | Sep 2, 2020

Hot air ballooning was "One of the best days of our lives"

YARRA VALLEY HOT AIR balloon and proposal Derek shares his story with us about the experience of hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley AND his wedding proposal to now fiancee, Susan. How it all began: "I organised a surprise hot air ballooning overnight stay for my partner as a romantic lead up to my proposal! The ballooning was the perfect event to not only share a magical weekend but to thoroughly distract my partner so I could surprise her and pop the question at the vineyard just before heading home. Why did you choose Global Ballooning for your balloon experience? I...

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by Erin Tucci/ Derek Liddall | Aug 26, 2020

Sending love with a Postcard

Do you know someone who could use a little extra care during this time? Emotional wellbeing is so important, we need to look after one another so the #HumansOfGlobal team wish to 'share the love' within our Victorian community to help with these tough times. We’ve designed some beautiful postcards of our ballooning experience which we’d love to post with a handwritten message of support to ‘your’ someone special who needs extra love, whether it be a dear friend, a family member or a healthcare champion.   Check out the beautiful balloon postcards we have to choose from!     ...

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by Team Global Ballooning | Aug 26, 2020

Mansfield Hot Air Ballooning

A personal experience of ballooning in Mansfield When Mansfield was mentioned at Global Ballooning as a possible new ballooning site – it bought back many fond memories of flying there when we were part of the Ballooning Association of Victoria. About 3 years ago we had a small 77 balloon and basket – my husband Graeme being a private balloon pilot for many years.  We did many flights over the years with our children, family and friends – flying mainly with Jenny Houghton and her balloon at Euroa over the Strathbogie Ranges.  We would land in farmers paddocks and once the...

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by Lyn Drummond | Aug 21, 2020

Ballooning with the love of my life

The ballon trip was shared with the love of my life.♥️ It was a Christmas present and another highlight as Mike turned 50 soon after Christmas (which we celebrated in New York). We also booked the trip on the Valentines Day weekend. All very romantic. I’ve been a victim of family violence for many years in a previous relationship and had an extremely intense 2019 and early 2020 leading up to the flight.  It was fantastic having been able to celebrate the significance of the freedom of my new life and love on the day. Literally flying free. ...

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by Erin Tucci / Lilian | Aug 19, 2020