30th birthday balloon flight

To start off, I surprised Richard (my boyfriend), with a handmade hot air balloon 30th birthday card. I was excited when I received a confirmation email that the hot air balloon will be taking off as scheduled despite the COVID19 :) Best news ever! In fact, this took place just prior to the social distancing measures. It will be the last great experience we have as a couple for a while.  The email included what to bring/ not to bring, basically your essentials: Gloves, caps, thick puffy jackets, scarves. (Anything to keep you warm that morning as it can...

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by Erin Tucci / Michelle Low | Aug 11, 2020

Mindfulness Colouring

Enjoy these FREE downloadable mindfulness colouring pages - a calming activity for you & your family during these times.  Click HERE to download our Melbourne & Yarra Valley flights, plus an educational page for kids.       

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by Kate Esposto | Aug 5, 2020

Just floating with the clouds

Being able to share the magic of ballooning with passengers on the morning and also reading their stories fills our hearts so much, we have to share them with you!!  William & his wife (aka. Humans Of Global) have described their balloon flight as "floating with the clouds". " My name is Will. My wife and a friend of ours had the privileged opportunity to take our first balloon ride in February this year.   Looking back on it we reflect on how wonderful the experience was, from the anticipation the night before to the buffet breakfast at the end,...

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by Erin Tucci | Aug 5, 2020

Best balloon rides around Australia

Global Ballooning Australia were recently featured in the Jetstar article for "The 4 best hot air balloon rides around Australia'. There are numerous balloon operators around Australia, all providing slightly different experiences based on the views seen from flying above. The duration of the flight can also vary, from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. One similarity though is the timing of the balloon flight, usually meeting before sunrise to enjoy the morning views. The light & scenery is just incredible at this time, providing great opportunities for high quality photography, especially if you are lucky enough to spot some wildlife...

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by Erin Tucci | Feb 12, 2020

TOP 'Aussie' experiences to do in Yarra Valley

With Australia Day just around the corner, a visit to one of Victoria's premier regions in celebration of our country is a great idea! Support the local businesses that make the region such a popular place for visitation.  Just an hour drive from Melbourne, the commute to the Yarra Valley region is an easy one, with Eastlink & Maroondah Hwy as main routes from varying suburbs. If you are on the road early enough, keep an eye out for our hot air balloons soaring during sunrise!    Here are our TOP 5 'Aussie' experiences to do within the Yarra Valley:...

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by Erin Tucci | Jan 9, 2020

Safety tips for children ballooning

To see the look of wonder and intrigue on a childs face as they stare at a Hot air balloon up close is truely beautiful. They are impressionable and fascinated by new experiences; to be educated and entertained.  Travelling with children can have it's challenges. We want to make your experience with Global Ballooning as enjoyable as possible, for all involved.  For this reason, here are the basic safety tips to remember when flying with your kids, throughout the 3 stages of the flight tour:  1. INFLATION Throughout the entire tour, it's important to keep an eye on your children at all times. Follow...

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by Erin Tucci | Sep 19, 2019

Balloon pilot in the spotlight- Ronald

Australian records Distance AX5 =168.7 km 10/7/2011 Distance AX6 =378.8 km 19/7/2018 Duration AX6  =6hrs 28 min 24/8/2018 Duration AX7 = 9 hrs 3 min  29/8/2018   My story about becoming a balloon pilot:  Little did I know that as a child when my Mother suggested to me to join the scouting movement as an activity that it may eventually lead to hot air ballooning however the scouting system encourages self development, leadership skills, community assistance and the pursuit of outdoor activities and if one desires a system of award achievement. This system taught me to define a goal ,...

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by Ronald Kent | Aug 29, 2019

The one and only Japanese balloon pilot in Australia!

Global Ballooning Australia Welcomes World-class Japanese Pilot to the Team Victoria, Australia; 23 August, 2019 – It is with great excitement that Global Ballooning Australia welcomes our first ever Japanese commercial pilot Sanshiro Ishihara to the award-winning team. We’re proud to announce that Sanshiro is the only Japanese ballooning pilot in Australia.   Sanshiro is a ‘second generation’ balloonist, having grown up around balloons in Japan’s ‘world famous Ballooning Capital’, Saga City. Saga has hosted three World Ballooning Championships and annually hosts Asia’s largest hot air balloon event / competition which this year is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  ...

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 28, 2019

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal

Sam & Fren first laid eyes on each other at a friends birthday party and have been together in their relationship for about 2 years now. In May 2019, Sam plucked up the courage to propose to Fren in one of our hot air balloon flights over Melbourne and happily shared their story for all to read. THE PREPARATION When asked what the reasons were for choosing to propose in a hot air balloon, Sam replied, "flying in a hot air balloon has always been on the bucket list, so when I was researching for a hot air balloon during a vacation in...

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by Erin Tucci | Aug 22, 2019

Scarlett achieves National Womens Altitude Record

The onset of winter in the ‘southern states’ is a time for those of us who endure the bleak windy weather conditions to switch to mental survival mode. This can be in the form of; living and breathing footy, escaping to the North, heading off skiing or in the case of balloonists - looking for something to do to lift ones spirit when the flying ‘ain’t happening’.   For the Global Ballooning Team this means spending the short freezing daylight hours on the stimulating task of maintaining equipment and catching up on administration work. It is little wonder we spend...

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by Kiff Saunders | Aug 13, 2019