Commitment to excellence through kindness - 2013 Tourism & Events Conference

Kiff Saunders and I attended the Tourism and Events Conference ( held at the MCG in Melbourne last week. It was a great event bringing together key players in the Tourism and Events industry from around the country. What we love most about attending conferences of this nature is surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, exchanging ideas, sharing information and taking away key distinctions that we can transfer to our business. I even worked up the courage to speak something I may never have considered without the encouragement from my colleagues and peers. Continuously committing to excellence by showing...

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 1, 2013

The Skywhale - one of our most exciting projects yet!

The Global Team have been involved in some very cool projects in the past and this one is no exception. Our tender to fly the 'Skywhale' created by world renowned sculptor and visual artist, Patricia Piccinini, who grew up in Canberra, was approved twelve months ago and it was a big secret to keep. Ms Piccinini was commissioned to design an artwork that will be delivered as a hot air balloon for Centenary of Canberra which will be launched today at the Australian National Gallery at 8.30am. In the last 24 hours there has been some debate to the relevance and cost associated with...

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by Despina Karatzias | May 11, 2013

From Turkey to Tuscany - Lynette Bergin Fellowship

Upon boarding my Istanbul bound flight in Melbourne the realisation of just how big and audacious my global quest for excellence was. I was embarking on a journey of professional development and personal growth and I was nervous regarding being able to deliver on my promise.  Words cannot do justice to the immense gratitude that continues to flow through me in being awarded the 2011 Lynette Bergin Fellowship. It is a joy to work in such a wonderful an industry and with Global Ballooning Australia who have supported my growth and empower their people to flourish. My research...

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by Despina Karatzias | Dec 15, 2012

Unlikely Partnership Gives "Rise" to Australian First

In May 2012 Australia's first disabled access basket was launched over the Melbourne CBD*.  Passengers on this flight included quadriplegic Michael Forbes and leg amputee Darren Cummins.  Michael suffered a severe spinal cord injury (SCI), with incomplete quadriplegia, as the result of a transport accident.  He is largely confined to a wheelchair.  Darren had his lower limb amputated in a motorcycle accident.  Despite these debilitating injuries both Michael and Darren have shown amazing resilience and with an indelible spirit, have continued to move forward with their lives.  The disabled basket will enable both, along with members of their family, to...

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 13, 2012

Kiff's adventure to the North Pole

Hot Air Balloon - Where? Kiff - you may remember me, we met many years ago and you took me on my first balloon flight in Australia. I was wondering whether you might like to consider bringing one of your balloons to the North Pole?  Regards Bill You just have to love emails like this - concise, to the point and just loaded with potentiality. Bill Davis is VP of Quark expeditions operations team - he has spent most of his working life focused on opening up the amazing world of Polar Tourism. Certainly to hear from him I...

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 13, 2012

Rochford Wines balloon

Rochford Wines is located less than an hour from Melbourne's CBD and you'll be transported into the glory of Victoria's Yarra Valley. Nestled at the foot of the Great Dividing Ranges, Rochford Wines is proud to offer its guests a unique and exciting Yarra Valley winery experience.

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by Despina Karatzias | Nov 14, 2011

2011 Asian Cup in Qatar

A team of pilots and crew from Global Ballooning Australia were invited to fly in Qatar in January for the 2011 Asian Cup.

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by Despina Karatzias | Jan 18, 2011

Excitations - Ian Mckenzie

Ian Mckenzie often known around Australia as the "outback photographer", and his stylist wife Robyn, operate a successful photographic studio from a purpose built barn studio overlooking the Murray River near Mildura in South Eastern Australia. For over 20 years the pair have specialized in photographing privately commissioned portraits and weddings. When not doing that they can be found traveling the outback of Australia creating images for their stock photography library. Take the time to view Ian's work - there are many amazing images awaiting!

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 5, 2010

Global Tree Planting Day

A feel good day where we could give back to the environment - something we rely on when ballooning!

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by Despina Karatzias | Aug 23, 2009

Global Ballooning Australia was the chosen ballooning operator to feature...

Global Ballooning Australia was the chosen ballooning operator to feature our new white balloon in the current Qantas Frequent Flyer TV commercial. To view the commercial please go to

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by Despina Karatzias | Jul 3, 2008


UPDATE 8 July 2020: To all our wonderful passengers, in line with the recent Victorian government announcement, all flights in all locations are currently suspended until further notice.

If you will like to enjoy a balloon flight with your loved ones or colleagues when we re-open OR celebrating a special occasion during this current isolation period, we will be most grateful you considered a gift voucher - there is nothing quite like a hot air balloon flight to look forward to when restrictions are lifted!