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Careers at Global

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Reservations & Marketing Assistant (Part/Full-time position - perfect for a recent graduate)

Reservations & Marketing INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Negotiable position)

Yarra Valley Transfer Driver – Ground Crew (English & Chinese Speaking)


Australian Commercial Balloon Pilot: Please apply by sending your cover letter & resume to
   Must hold valid - 
    Minimum CPL(B) Class - 2 endorsement (preferable 3 or 4)
    Minimum 300 hours of commercial flying experience
    Valid Class 2 Medical Certificate



Global Ballooning Australia is full of passionate staff who, besides absolutely loving what we do, pride ourselves on our company culture and staff satisfaction. As a small business it is important to understand that your performance is crucial to our continued success and that the job requires that you have a dedicated work ethic. The single most important attribute is that you enjoy what you do and have a happy working relationship with all involved. Each role is demanding but also incredibly rewarding and exciting. Your future duties and responsibilities within this company structure are totally dependent on your attitude, commitment and desire. You could be part of an organisation committed to providing an amazing 'lighter than air' experience and help passengers tick it off their bucket list.

Global Ballooning Australia is made up of 3 flight areas; Melbourne, Yarra Valley & Mansfield with an operations base in the Yarra Valley, as well as a team based in Richmond who provide essential services such as reservations, marketing, communications, finance and human resources.

As an employee, you'll enjoy…

  • Complimentary hot air balloon flights
  • Tours and accommodation at discounted industry rates
  • Training opportunities encouraged
  • A fun, flexible and supportive working culture
  • Close proximity to public transport


Work placement

Global Ballooning Australia offers a range of opportunities for students of tertiary age to gain valuable work experience as well as to inspire the next generation of young people to choose Global as their workplace of choice. Currently we work closely with William Angliss who give their students the opportunity to learn in the best facilities anywhere in the world in culinary, hospitality, tourism and event management training. Their expert knowledge and hands on experience allows students to grow as leaders and be successful in their industries. Every 6 months we have a student join us for 180 hours – they will be involved in sales and marketing of the business. We find they get a lot out of their placement whilst at Global. Their experience allows them to get out of their comfort zone and delve into all things ballooning!

Becoming a pilot

Global Ballooning Australia’s commercial balloon pilots are some of the most experienced balloonists in the country. Our current pilots have been ballooning with the company for many years and all have rich histories of ballooning throughout Australia and the world. They are highly accomplished in their field with the majority of pilots having accrued over 3000hrs in hot air balloons. We have no hesitation in offering you our assurance that you will be in extremely safe hands during your balloon flight.

Global Ballooning Australia is a registered Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) flying school and has been associated with training many pilots flying in Victoria today. Kiff Saunders is a delegate of CASA and is responsible for issuing commercial balloon pilot licences in Australia.

Kiff Saunders is the Director of Global Ballooning Australia. He is one of only a handful of delegates of CASA to issue commercial licences and is an Australian Ballooning Federation Flight Examiner. He has flown balloons extensively around Australia and overseas, including such countries as Japan, Canada, Europe, China, USA, New Zealand and the North Pole. Kiff has been responsible for training nearly all pilots flying over Melbourne plus many more commercial pilots operating in Australia. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from having worked on promotional balloons around Australia & the world, and would be considered one of Australia's best commercial operators.

Becoming a Pilot involves extensive theory and exams which are approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. You will learn how to read the weather through in depth meteorology training and all other aspects of ballooning procedures. You’re also required to build up hours of practical flying with a Pilot, flying alone and then once you have built your flying hours up enough and passed all the exams, you will qualify as a Commercial Balloon Pilot, meaning you are able to fly passengers for Global!