Carina Vera   Office staff

Carina Vera was Reservations Consultant at Global Ballooning Australia. She had joined us, as Reservations Consultant, 11 years ago.

Her duties were:

Taking reservation from customers

What do you like most about your job?

People are nice.

If you could share one tip with a new employee, what would it be?
Be patient.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Listening to customers ballooning experiences.

Describe yourself in three words
Friendly, shy, considerate

What was your worst ever job?

Cashier at a supermarket.

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be?
No idea.

Carina's background

I was born in Argentina and came to Australia when I was 11 years old with my family. We lived with my aunt and uncle for about 1 year until my parents were able to find jobs. We didn’t speak any English which made it hard to go to school. Eventually we moved to Noble Park when my parents bought a house there. I went back to Argentina about 2 years ago with my sister for about 1 month, and I absolutely loved it. If I had enough money I would love go back and live there. My mum recently sold our house and we now live in Skye. I have two pet dogs, both are pugs one is a female and the other is a male. I worked in the hospitality industry for about 7 years in the gaming section. After that I did a Tourism course and got a job at Qantas frequent flyers and now I’m here.