Carlo M - Apr 7, 2017

Just wanted to thank you for a great experience myself and wife had on the day we took a ride with your balloon over our home town Melbourne. Our plot was fantastic and professional. We have added some nice photos of the day for you all. We understand our pilot has departed Melbourne back home to Poland which we wish him a safe journey home. If you’re able to send him his photos with our thanks at would be appreciated.


Thank you once again,


Natalie V - Apr 5, 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for a great adventure yesterday when I braved my fear of heights and had a hot air balloon ride with my 80 year old Mum.


Steve was our pilot and his communication and obvious joy of the job were outstanding, and Bambi was great as our ground crew.  As a Health & Safety Officer (which you can’t turn off) I always take notice of how this side of things are handled by other companies and I must say that it was very well done.  The explanations that we were given and instructions for our safety were clearly communicated, and it was especially impressive as there was a couple of people in our group who did not speak English and they always waited between instructions to ensure that the translator had time to let them know what was going on.


The views were 2nd to none and the calmness and simple beauty of the Yarra Valley was so peaceful, I almost didn’t mind the cold, very early morning start.  This was our 3rd try to get a flight, and it was well worth the wait.


Again, thank you to the whole team and especially to Steve and Bambi.

Natalie V

Health & Safety Officer

TripAdvisor - RemyLeBeauKerry - Jan 12, 2017

It was on my husband's bucket list so when we had the opportunity to do it in Melbourne we jumped at the chance. The morning was over cast but when we were in the air we could still see everything and got amazing photos. Our pilot Daris was very enjoyable to listen to and had a wealth of information about flying and the balloon itself. Made the journey very interesting. Definitely go to it even if only for the Champagne Breakfast afterwards when you have built up an appetite from the fresh air. Definitely make sure to wear a baseball cap as the heat from the burners really does feel hot on the skin - especially if your bald!!

TripAdvisor - r_sheterline - Jan 12, 2017

An early start to the day, but what a wonderful way to begin it. My wife and I travelled out to the Yarra Valley for an hour in the air in a basket! Incredibly peaceful, with changes in temperature as we went through the cloud to watch the sunrise. Felt 100% safe all the time. Nice to be involved in the set up and collapsing of the balloon before and after the ride as well. A full buffet breakfast afterwards complemented the ride. Dropped back at Federation Square or Victoria Markets around 10am. Ticked that one off the bucket list. If it is on yours, then just do it!

TripAdvisor - Ian M - Jan 12, 2017

A fantastic way to see Melbourne. Yarra Bend to Moorabbin Airport in a hot air balloon. Can pick out all the landmarks on the way. Pilot Dave was great from start to finish. 360 deg views were amazing and breakfast on return is a must. Highly recommend the experience...

TripAdvisor - Kez67bed - Jan 12, 2017

Off we went at 4am to meet at the Pullman Then off we went to Newport to take off. Nick our pilot was very informative as to what we had to do to help set up. The weather wasn't sunny but this was not a problem at all. So so peaceful up there we had such amazing views of the city. One highlight was going overtop of the botanical gardens. Such an artwork they have with their flower designs. Would never of seen this from the ground. Was such an adventure especially finding a spot to land which ended up being out near Doncaster. Great job guys Such a great service

Ron & Nikola S - Jan 11, 2017

Dear Global Ballooning,


I am letting you know that we really enjoyed our balloon flight and Breakfast.

I would like to especially thank Brian Garth for his not only excellent piloting but also his running commentary

On what is happening and showing us how the balloon operates/works.


We would like to also like to thank all your staff on that day as they were all happy, helpful and added to our special day celebrating

Our 30th Anniversary.


Thank you again.



Ron & Nikola S

Natasha - Dec 28, 2016

Overall an absolutely amazing experience- Breath taking views above the Yarra Valley, a scrumptious champagne breakfast and a crew with a great sense of humor, what more could you ask for ? 
Brian was a terrific pilot!! 
Highly recommend to anyone .. Looking forward to coming back.

Cath - Dec 28, 2016

One of the most breathtaking experiences I've ever had! First time ballooning and I am sure I will book another flight with Global Ballooning again. The team were excellent and the views were stunning.

TripAdvisor - Melissa R - Dec 28, 2016

First time ballooning and it was great! Watching the sun rise over the Yarra Valley was spectacular. We had a lovely clear day and the view was amazing. I was a little nervous about the height, but once you're up there you just float calmly along and forget that you're so far above the ground. Helping set up and pack up the balloon added to the experience as it was great to get involved instead of standing around watching. The crew were fun and made sure everyone was enjoying the trip. Will definitely be recommending to friends!

TripAdvisor - Tori_Mulligan - Dec 28, 2016

I booked an exclusive flight with Global Ballooning to propose to my fiance and the day was just incredible. We met at Balgownie Estate at about 4 in the morning - my partner thinking that we were going on a very early morning wine tour!! When I met with Steve, our pilot, he had a plan that was worked out to make sure that my proposal was the best kept secret. Even though I was extremely nervous, both from the proposal and the balloon flight (I am terrified of heights!!), Steve made sure that everything ran to clockwork. Once the balloon was inflated and I was ready to propose, Steve ensured that we captured the moment with lots of photos. He took the time for us to live in the moment and make a memory that would last forever. Once we were up in the air, I became quite internal and very quiet! I was trying to get over my fear of heights. Steve asked me to move from my safety spot and pose for a photo - but when I was reluctant to move, he recognised that I was scared of heights, gave me a massive hug and told me that he would do everything to make the flight smooth and comfortable for me. After 20 minutes in the air, I relaxed into the flight and this has to be attributed to Steve and his calm demeanour. I ended up loving the flight so much that I would book again at the drop of a hat. Steve and our driver Vi, as well as Steve's daughter Tash, an up and coming balloon pilot, made our day so special that I would highly recommend Global Ballooning to anyone and everyone. They went above and beyond to ensure that our exclusive, proposal flight was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They made me and my partner feel so special, from their planning to make sure our day ran smoothly, to ensuring that we were well looked after at breakfast with a private table and plenty of sparking to celebrate. I cannot thank Steve enough for making my day everything that I hoped for and my partner's day everything that she had ever dreamed was possible. I would highly recommend Global Ballooning to anyone and everyone - whether you are a first time balloon flyer to someone wanting to make a very special proposal. Global Ballooning has provided me with something that my grandkids will talk about, decades from now. And I cannot thank Steve, Vi and Tash enough for making the day a memory that both my future wife and I will cherish forever. Thank you for making memories that will last not only our life time, but the lifetime of all that we share our story with. I am forever indebted to you all. Eternal gratitude and thanks. Tori - A very happy groom to be.

Keren - Dec 28, 2016

My partner and I had a wonderful weekend that started with the accommodation package at the Pullman on the Park, floating over the city was magical and nothing like what I ever imagined it would be... it was better when my partner proposed as the sun was just starting to come through the clouds.

I would highly recommend Global Ballooning to anyone

Matt - Dec 28, 2016

Brian and his team made my partner and I feel exceptionally welcome right from the very moment we arrived. The day was filled with plenty of smiles and laughs, amazing views and breathtaking scenery. All in all an unforgettable and amazing experience, could not recommend it highly enough!! Thanks for everything, we will definitely be back again.

Jessica - Dec 28, 2016

Nick and Belinda were a wonderful team and made us feel so comfortable on the whole ride. It was my first ever hot air balloon ride and I was nervous and excited but they were so wonderful at explaining everything! We went on the Melbourne city ride and the scenery was just amazing and it was wonderful seeing how beautiful our city was! Thank you Global ballooning for making this the best experience of a lifetime!

Chris and Marjorie F - Dec 28, 2016


My mother-in-law and myself finally took our balloon ride with Global Ballooning on 19th December 2016. 

We had originally booked our flight for a day in November but the day before the flight my mother-in-law was attacked by a dog and had stitches in both feet and was in her bed for a week and slowly back on her feet over the next 3 weeks.  She is 88 yo so she takes a little time to recuperate.  The staff at Global Ballooning responded well to my query about re-scheduling our flight (less than 24 hours prior to the flight) asking for a doctors certificate which was supplied. 

Although it took us another month to re-book and take our flight, the experience was well worth the effort of getting up at 3am to get to the pick-up point on time.  Nick and Mark were wonderful hosts who have a calm manner and who work well together.  The after-flight breakfast was subdued but tasty and filling.

Marj and I really enjoyed the morning and will not hesitate to recommend Global Ballooning to friends and acquaintances.

Best wishes,

Chris and Marjorie F