Trip Advisor - Dan F - Jul 25, 2016

One of the best experiences of my life!

"Booked the tour through our concierge and couldn't be happier with the Global Ballooning team. The main individuals we worked with were Brian (pilot), Bambi (helper) and Vee (driver) and they were all fantastic in giving us the best experience possible.

The views were absolutely spectacular and they made all the passengers feel completely at ease, despite a few nerves jangling.

The food as well for the breakfast afterwards was top notch and the photos are well worth the extra few dollars after the ride. 10/10!"

Visited June 2016

Trip Advisor - babiitiger - Jul 18, 2016

My partner and I went on a balloon ride over the Yarra Valley on the 6th June. It was a bit chilly in the morning but when you get up in the air it's quite nice so I recommend layering up. The day was fantastic even though it was the beginning of winter. Rolling fog in the morning which burnt off to reveal a beautiful sunrise and clear day.

The pilot Brian was great fun as well as the ground crew. We had Peaky drive us around and he was awesome. Great down to earth guy with heaps of knowledge. You're involved from the very beginning in the setup and pack up which was fun for us.

My partner really enjoyed the champagne breakfast. I'm not a drinker myself but it is a buffet breakfast and the hash browns and mushrooms made it worthwhile.
It's not something that I could afford to do every weekend but I'm so glad we did it with Global Ballooning for our 3 year anniversary. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Trip Advisor - Dan F - Jul 18, 2016

Booked the tour through our concierge and couldn't be happier with the Global Ballooning team. The main individuals we worked with were Brian (pilot), Bambi (helper) and Vee (driver) and they were all fantastic in giving us the best experience possible.

The views were absolutely spectacular and they made all the passengers feel completely at ease, despite a few nerves jangling.

The food as well for the breakfast afterwards was top notch and the photos are well worth the extra few dollars after the ride. 10/10!

Trip Advisor - Matthew T - Jul 18, 2016

We took a family trip over the Yarra Valley, and booked a package with Global Ballooning that included breakfast.
The entire experience was really completely beyond expectation. Global Ballooning are a very professional outfit - we felt completely safe, the logistics are 100% organised, scenery was incredible and breakfast was delicious.
Would definitely fly with Global Ballooning again!

Trip Advisor - Briony L - Jul 18, 2016

Spent the morning of my 24th birthday in the sky over Melbourne. Absolutely amazing, the staff were so lovely I felt like I'd known them all my life. Not scary at all it was fascinating and I would go back and experience it all over again if I could. Superb breakfast after 100% worth the extra to add it on. Such a great experience thanks so much global ballooning!!!!

Trip Advisor - AoifeB88 - Jul 18, 2016

My friend and I were blessed with the weather yesterday. We booked only about a week in advance and thought our chances of actually flying were fairly low seen as it's winter. Melbourne put on a show yesterday with clear skies. We both had vouchers from the Entertainment book which made our experience a lot more affordable. The flight itself was fantastic as was the breakfast buffet. I would highly recommend this as an experience as the views of Melbourne are beautiful from the sky! Well worth the early start!

Mike B - Jul 11, 2016

Hello Nick and the rest of the team,

I would like to thank you for a fantastic balloon flight on Friday morning 8 July. It was a surprise birthday present for my daughter Annabelle who was celebrating her 12th birthday. We both loved it. Nick is obviously a very experienced and talented pilot, thank you for the tree-hopping, it was pretty eye-opening :-).

I have attached a picture that Annabelle took as we were coming in to land in Albert Park.

Thanks and regards,

Mike B

Kyle L - Jun 14, 2016

Hey Kate,

Thank you so much from myself and Lisa for helping us organise the trip. It was absolutely fantastic! You staff certainly are memorable characters. Had a really good conversation with peaky on the way out to the field and the Brian took us on a beautiful flight.

The breakfast and balgownie was the best way to top it off.

I personally loved getting involved in the set up and pack up of the balloon and thought this was a really good way to get the group bonding. I do like the fact that there isn't any pressure to help so if people don't want to they don't have to.

All in all from arrival to when we departed we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I will definitely be recommending you to my passengers. I actually already have. Leaving the city yesterday we saw your balloons coming in nice and low over us and I started talking all about my experience. It sounded like a couple onboard were really interested in it.

Once again thanks for the opportunity and I will make sure both myself and my girlfriend do a five star review on tripadvisor.



Liz H - May 9, 2016

Dear everyone at Global Ballooning,

This was the most beautiful and truly amazing experience and the happiest birthday ever!

"Thank you" to our pilot Kiff.

I'm very keen to book another flight and then another and another...

One of my hobbies is scrapbooking and I've printed lots of photos which will be saved for posterity!

What a marvellous way to celebrate my 61st birthday.

Some of you know that I had to postpone my plans because I spent my 60th birthday in the Royal Melbourne Hospital having a brain tumour removed; that made my 61st even more of a celebration.

Thanks to Global Ballooning for allowing me to enjoy a really uplifting experience (yes, I know, you've heard all the puns!) and to see the city from a bird's eye view.

I'm recommending Global Ballooning to everyone and I look forward to booking another flight soon.

Sincerely, with grateful thanks,

Liz H.

Van - May 4, 2016

Brilliant!! It's as serene and majestic in the sky as it looks on the ground!

We were very fortunate with the weather though. 

Couldn't fault your company. Everything ran smoothly and to a tee. Your system has clearly perfected over the years =)



Alex - Mar 31, 2016


My name is Alex and my partner and I flew with Dariusz this morning, and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience we had. We were originally booked for the 24th (my partner’s birthday), the flight was cancelled and we rebooked on the 31st. Although this was disappointing, it was unavoidable and booking the new date was very easy.

The voice message system is great - I thought it worked really well and I left the next morning feeling prepared. The Pullman is a great starting location, as it’s central and parking was easy to find. All of the staff made the instructions very clear, and we were off without any fuss. Once the balloons started being assembled, both Dariusz and Nick kept communicating with us and inviting us to participate.

Once we were up in the air, I was absolutely blown away by the views of the city. I felt so safe and secure in the basket, and Dariusz was happy to answer all of the questions that were thrown his way. I’ve lived in Melbourne for my entire life and I’ve never been so amazed by the city as I was this morning. The flight was smooth, comfortable and just incredible.

All in all, this was an experience that we will never forget and I can’t say thank you enough. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff.


Tripadvisor - Mar 29, 2016

Pilot Brian and the crew at Global Ballooning gave us a wonderful experience ballooning in the Yarra Valley today as my Christmas present to my husband. The office staff were extremely helpful in asking all my questions and helped me make the best choice. The actual flight was superb. We met the crew at Balgownie Estate and the whole experience went so smoothly - no hassles at all. Brian was very professional and made sure that we all understood what we needed to know and that we had a really enjoyable time. We were fortunate to have excellent weather and the views were glorious. Brian's landing was excellent! The passengers are invited to assist with packing up the balloon and it is quite an experience - clear instructions, great organisation and actually good fun. I would recommend everyone at Global Ballooning without hesitation. Though not cheap it is a definitely a wow experience.

Tripadvisor - Mar 29, 2016

Had the good fortune of Hot Air Ballooning with this company earlier today...having organized an EAB (easy access basket) to fly we were informed it had accidentally been sent back to Melbourne, we had chosen to fly over the Yarra Valley. Staff were profusely apologetic and offered the alternative of lifting my client into the basket and supplying a seat....we were both happy to still be able to fly so agreed....staff were so friendly & jovial with us all especially my client....very professional in explaining procedures for start up, landing & pack up.....the views of the valley were absolutely amazing....would highly recommend flying with Brian & his crew.....

Tripadvisor - Mar 29, 2016

On Monday my husband and I ticked 'Hot Air Balloon ride' off our bucket list when we went flying in the Yarra Valley with pilot Brian of Global Ballooning. "Wow" and "Fantastic" don't even begin to describe this wonderful experience floating through the early morning skies. The weather was stunning and views magnificent. Though no longer spring chickens, we both enjoyed joining in the setting up and packing up procedures. The very professional manner of Brian and his team allayed any fears any of the passengers may have had, with excellent instruction on all aspects of the flight. Our daughter gave us this experience as a gift and it was something we will always treasure. We have no hesitation in recommending Global Ballooning and also Balgownie Estate where we met initially and then returned for a scrumptious breakfast. Congratulations all on a superbly run outfit.

Tripadvisor - Mar 29, 2016

This morning we floated over Melbourne, soaking up the Autumn sunrise from a hot air balloon. We absolutely loved the experience! We were so impressed with the service, level of safety and the overall sense of adventure that went with it. It suits all ages and one of our group, who was scared of heights, felt completely safe and loved the ride. A most memorable experience!