Maureen P - Mar 11, 2014

The morning was perfect. Mist in the valley, clear skies, but not too cold. The facilities were very comfortable, and the flight magnificent. One of the best experiences we've had.

Samantha D - Mar 7, 2014

Hello, I flew with Global Ballooning Australia on the 7th of March and I'd just like to say how amazing you all made the experience and how helpful you were. I would personally like to thank Erin O'Brien for all the help you gave me with getting the seat balloon over the Yarra Valley, and all the emails in general helping to book this amazing day.

Would also like to extend the thank you to the people on the day, Dean for being so helpful with getting Georgia on board, Victor - the pilot for making the flight so amazing and accommodating to the need we had and all the other staff we met for being so friendly and accommodating. We really appreciate the lengths that everyone went to make the day so enjoyable. It will be a 21st present never to be forgotten.

Thank you all so much,


Georgina S - Mar 3, 2014

My husband and daughter took their flight yesterday and both thoroughly enjoyed it; in fact at some point in time they will do a city flight as well.

The reason for my email today is to congratulate the staff on their friendliness and assistance to myself and the other guests that we had booked in for breakfast. Although we were not flying we were made to feel welcome and they went out of their way to ensure that we knew what was happening and allowed us to follow as they tracked the balloon. We were very pleased to be able to watch the balloon land as well as take off.

Robyn G - Feb 14, 2014

Grega and his crew treated me with a lot of dignity ( as l am disabled). The flight was fantastic !

Catherine P - Jan 14, 2014

This was a wonderful experience for us. A great getaway, a great gift from our children and something now taken off our bucket list.

Colin Y - Jan 10, 2014

First flight and was impressed all around Good work!

Emma C - Jan 9, 2014

Firstly of all, I was a little skeptical initially of Hot Air Ballooning as I'm a little scared of heights and wasn't sure if I could handle it, luckily I was wrong I didn't feel scared at all if anything the complete opposite, very comfortable. It was one of the best experiences. The staff and our Pilot Dean were so passionate about their role and making sure we helped out and got good photos etc. We had an amazing day and we were very happy we got up that early in the end. Watching the sunrise was so peaceful. Would highly recommend doing it.

Melissa A - Jan 6, 2014

Hi Erin,

Thank-you for all your help in organising this event for us! 

The feedback is extremely positive and we all had an amazing time! It is definitely an experience we will never forget! 

Catrina M - Jan 4, 2014

What a spectacular view floating over the city & looking out over the bay watching the sunrise. Service was great, everything ran on time. Would not hesitate to to it again!

Georgia - Jan 3, 2014

We loved it, Grega did a fantastic job :) As well as the staff on the ground. Thank you!

Cathleen - Jan 1, 2014

The whole experience was amazing! Extremely professional in every aspect. Would recommend to anyone.

Georgia I - Jan 1, 2014

We loved it! Grega did a fantastic job :) As well as the staff on the ground. Thank you!

Paul K - Dec 19, 2013

A good professional service that made a good experience better. Grega was our pilot and would be happy to do it again. 

Catherine C - Dec 17, 2013

This is a chance to have one of life's best experiences confident in the professionals at work ensuring that all 'travellers' had the best time , from the initial phoning in to the pilot to the sumptuous breakfast to finish. The team included us all in the whole experience and looked after each of us and made us feel special.There was great camaraderie. The expertise of the team and the team's care for those who had some special needs were not lost on any of us . On top of that the experience itself gave us safe wings to fly over the magnificent Yarra Valley. Wow! and Thankyou! are the two words that best describe this great experience

Chris - Owner & Editor of www.pureglutton.com - Dec 16, 2013

We got on our flight this morning! Of course we were in very good hands as Kiff piloted our balloon :) We're very impressed with his perfect take-off and landing...but then we'd expect nothing less than that from the person who started the company, right? :)

It's an awesome ride and we enjoyed it very much...the balloon glided so gently with the wind and when we hit the clouds, it's like a grey wall enveloping us - really surreal!

It's very nice meeting Kiff & the crew :)