Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

5 of us booked the hot air balloon as this would be our highlight event in that region. Wonderful experience and very well conducted with good adherence to safety protocol. Started early morning and needed to help out in getting the balloon up and folding it after the ride. 
The post balloon breakfast was only 3/5. had to get back to RACV for a proper breakfast.
Otherwise a must for anyone visiting this region.

Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

Wow- this was an amazing experience. Must warn you it is a very early start to the day- we did the Yarra Valley tour and were picked up at 3AM. However this is definitely worth it. 

I have never done ballooning before and a little afraid of heights. However the experience was very tranquil and never felt frighten. The staff are very efficient and friendly. 

The highlight is definitely the views of Yarra Valley- we did a winery tour after the ballooning and it was great seeing things on the ground that we had earlier seen from above.

You get to help set up and pack the balloon which adds to the experience. 

The morning is completed with a fantastic breakfast at Rochford Wines. 

Would highly recommend Global Ballooning to everyone.

Ian - Feb 16, 2015

We booked for the Yarra Valley tour as a part of our honeymoon. Aside from the early start we had a fantastic time. Global picked us up from our hotel in Melbourne and took us two the Yarra Valley where we met our pilot, Brian. We expected to arrive at an already-inflated balloon in a field somewhere, but instead got to help the crew set up and inflate the balloon - a great way to get a real appreciation for what's involved.

We flew over the Yarra Valley vineyards for just over an hour - an incredibly tranquil experience with some incredible views (we have some great photos!). After a safe and smooth landing we were taken to Rochford Wines for an excellent champagne breakfast.

Would highly recommend Global Ballooning.

Lycke V - Feb 16, 2015

Had an awesome morning with Simon and Victor this day. Great balloonflight, amazing few over the yarra valley, relaxed atmosphere and good explanations about where we were flying. Could really recommend these guys!

Anonymous - Feb 12, 2015

We did this for my 30th bday.was a great experience and very magical once you are above the clouds and see the sun rising.pilots are experienced and a hat/cover for your head is a must, they do give you some water once you are about to take off which is very good. Any how I would definitely recommend this activity to every one who has not done it before. Over all great activity and starts at about 3:30am and after you will be free by 10am.

Anne - Dec 10, 2014

I received a balloon flight for Christmas last year and have just ordered 4 for my family as gifts for Christmas this year! A big thank you to the ladies in the office for making the booking process quick and easy, also to the pilots for providing a safe and professional ballooning experience. We can't wait to fly again!

Emily - Dec 10, 2014

Thank you so much for a terrific balloon flight, we could not ask for a better way to celebrate our Anniversary. We are now in the process of buying our family and friends gift vouchers for Christmas!

Paul G - Dec 9, 2014

Thanks a million to all who helped get Vera airborne for her 90th birthday! What a fabulous event, from the flight itself to the unique logistics of dealing with a 90-year-old aviatrix. Kiff and the team couldn’t have done it better. Special thanks to Baz for the lift home – above and beyond the call of duty!

Cheers and all the best,


Kane N - Oct 4, 2014

Hi Kate,

Thank you for your email – what a nice surprise and personalised follow-up!

LOVED IT! Nick and Stoney were fantastic. The experience was professional and a great, long last memory was created. We can finally tick off this Christmas gift from our list – a deserving wait.

Melbourne is a lovely city, full of culture, vibrant and great energy. The balloon ride was a perfect way to start the weekend.

Made it home safely to Perth, thank you for asking. Will spread the word with family and friends at work. 

Keep up the great work.

Chris R - Sep 7, 2014

So it was a super early wake up this morning - 4.32am to be precise. After stubbing my toe on the coffee table I was out the door and excited with the anticipation of the potential of plummeting to my death from a great height - Going out in style.

Alas, I survived!

And WOWEE what an amazing experience. I'm sure as you can all imagine the views from up there were a bit-of-alright!!! The sunrise was breathtaking, the panoramic views of Melbourne and surrounds were spectacular!! I can highly recommend this experience to everyone and anyone!! A little scary to start, as there's not much between you and the wide open space but after you get the hang of it, it instils a wonderful feeling of freedom. Absolute enchantment!

The driver/pilot was exceptional, very informative and very professional, made me feel extremely safe the entire time!

This one get's a 9/10

Jordan T - Aug 4, 2014

Good afternoon, here are a couple of pics I took whilst ballooning on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know we had an amazing time and the service was excellent. I am a photographer so as you could imagine the opportunities to shoot were amazing. Thanks again

Ris & Shannon - Aug 3, 2014

Simply amazing!!

My fiance and I would like to express our biggest thanks to the entire Global Ballooning Australia team for the unforgettable experience to mark the beginning of our future life together.

Massive thanks to our fantastic pilot Tim and Belinda for the wonderful balloon flight over the stunning Yarra valley. They were professional, warm and friendly which made the entire flight even more enjoyable.

Massive thanks to Kate and Erin as well. They were extremely helpful and prompt in assisting me on my proposal plan. I have to commend Kate as she was quick to follow up to reschedule our proposal flight when she found out that it was cancelled due to poor weather.

So once again, I would like to thank each and everyone at Global Ballooning Australia for helping me to turn my proposal plan into reality! It is definitely an 'once in a lifetime' experience!

Wendy H - Jun 11, 2014

I loved the whole experience, especially the setting up. Brian, Keith and Belinda were fantastic and made the experience all the better. 

Jun Vo - Jun 5, 2014

Hi Erin and the Global Ballooning Australia team,   I just want to send my great thankfulness to you and the team to give me that fantastic opportunity to fly with you guys.  It was absolutely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for me. Pilot Nick did an awesome job on the day with all his passion and kindness. I love every bit of the trip from the meeting to the landing part. Everything just happened to be perfect! It is definitely a highly recommended tour.

Kim L - May 23, 2014

Unforgettable experience & one I hope to do again! Accommodation was perfect, lovely staff, ballooning was sensational! Very professional and worth every cent! Thank you