Trip Advisor - Dec 2, 2015

My partner was given this beautiful gift from his family for his 50th. We met at Rochford Wineries in the Yarra Valley, and drove to Cockatoo to launch. There were 5 Balloons in total (2 from another company). The balloons inflated majestically, and within half an hour we were in the air. The flight was so gentle, and the scenery magnificent. It was so incredibly quiet and silent.....breathtakingly superb. I didn't want it to end. Our pilot Brian was incredibly knowledgeable, had a great sense of humour, and landed us safely in Coldstream. It was fun to pack away this enormous balloon, and once deflated, it was like stuffing a sleeping bag back into its case!
Then a sumptuous breakfast at Rochford wineries, and lots of Champagne! This is an absolute must-do in a life time thing!!

Trip Advisor - Dec 2, 2015

My boyfriend and I took the flight over the beautiful Yarra Valley. Unfortunately, I was injured the day before flight and was rendered unable to walk. However Brian (our pilot) and the rest of the Global Ballooning team made sure I was comfortable and assisted me greatly with things such as climbing in and out of the basket. 

I can't thank them enough for all that they did that morning, which gave both myself and my boyfriend a truly unforgettable experience. Highly recommend!

Trip Advisor - Dec 2, 2015

Put very simply - You should do it and with this company and over the Yarra Valley !!. It was a beautiful and tranquil way to end the celebrations of my 70th birthday with two of my daughters despite having to get up very early. We were in the hands of professionals and they delivered on all aspects, friendly, reassuring ( it was our first flight) and capable. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the experience an additional highlight was the personal return of my camera which I left behind after the flight, by our Pilot Grega. A big thank you to Grega and the staff of Global Ballooning for a truly memorable experience.

Trip Advisor - Dec 2, 2015

This was our THIRD flight with Global Ballooning and they just get better every time. First flight was in Yarra Valley a few years ago. Second and third flights were in the city with Captain David Flockart. The flight was astounding. We flew over the Yarra river, the botanical gardens, near to the MCG, and also over the the war shrine. The level of professionalism and customer care is outstanding. They all make sure you have the best experience possible. Highly recommended!!!

Matt - Nov 30, 2015

You run a very professional and well drilled operation. Everything ran so smoothly.

Tim - Nov 30, 2015

I felt the experience was very professional and done very well. Staff were helpful and friendly.

Amy - Nov 30, 2015

Everyone did an excellent job representing the company, many who's names I do not know but we were very impressed with our pilot, Nick.

Danny - Nov 30, 2015

Brian our pilot was fantastic and kept me well informed and had a great sense of humour. All the crew we met were very friendly and professio.nal

Matthew - Nov 30, 2015

I think Lyn and Erin helped me with the booking and both were extremely helpful, accomodating and friendly. Dave was our balloon pilot and he was absolutely fantastic as well. He was very informative and made us feel safe.

Jill - Nov 10, 2015

Our departure point was the Melbourne High School Oval, when my friend and I arrived the crew were gassing up 4 balloons. Our flight had been delayed for a day due to high winds, today was perfect...
The balloons took on their shape becoming upright in the early light, tied down to various cars to stop them drifting off in the breeze before all was ready. 'Hop in ! So over the side and into the large wicker basket we went!
We lifted off straight up and within a very short time there was Melbourne laid out beneath us... Fabulous .
The gas was fired up on and off to maintain hight, bright and warming, below us streams of traffic heading into the city, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine, the Art Centre, we slowly drifted along the Yarra River, down stream and between the Bolte Bridge Pillars, looking at the docks and the shipping...absolutely fascinating 
I could have stayed up there for hours, time just stood still... But all good things must come to an end.
We floated down over a biscuit factory roof, and gently bumped down in an empty and weedy building site.
We all helped roll up the Balloon, it and the basket were loaded onto a trailer, and we were driven to a champagne breakfast at the balloon Co headquarters. 
This flight was a birthday present to me ..
Most highly recommended.


Scarlett - Nov 10, 2015

Imagine it is your second full day in a new country and you are still a bit jet lagged after 20+ hours traveling. What will make you want to get up early? A balloon ride, my dear, and trust me when I say it is worth forgetting the lag and waking up early.

The day before had high winds but when we called the evening before our adventure was still scheduled. We are extremely lucky travelers with weather and the next morning (4ish?) when we called it was still a go. We were picked up at our hotel and were off for the adventure along with a small group.

We were delivered to the designated launch site and were delighted to see that two other balloons would be joining us. How fun it would be. We learned about all of the precautions taken (including the weather) to make the adventure safe then helped to set up the balloon. 

Imagine that only hot air and the wind would be determining your travel! It was so serenely peaceful up in the air. And the scenery over Melbourne was absolutely breathtaking. I'm nearly in tears as I type this remembering this magical experience.

Several people have since asked me if I was ever afraid. The answer is NO! Because I learned so much along the way I felt completely safe. Instead of having any fear, I relished every minute. And all too soon it was done and we helped collapse and pack up the balloon - it was my cardio for the day.

If you have this on your bucket list and the weather cooperates, do not hesitate to use Global Ballooning. An unforgettable experience will be yours for the rest of your lifetime.


Tripadvisor - Nov 10, 2015

I had booked the balloon ride as a surprise for a wedding anniversary, sadly the night before the weather conditions were not suitable for a flight over Melbourne but the operator offered the opportunity to have a flight over Yarra Valley instead. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate with this wonderful experience of watching the day wake up and then gently lifting into the sky. At all times I felt totally safe and the pilot pointed out wonderful aspects of the beautiful Yarra Valley. During the flight photos were taken by a remote camera carefully dangling from the balloon at the end of the flight the photos were provided as a complimentarily and a gorgeous reminder of a memorable experience.


Mran - Nov 10, 2015

I took a balloon flight in the Yarra Valley this morning, and was really impressed. Service was great, and our pilot really knew how to handle the balloon. He even got us down and packed up before the rain came. Champagne breakfast afterwards at Balgownie was excellent.


Sarah - Nov 10, 2015

The start was very early, but wow was it worth it!! The gentlemen who run it were well organised in keeping you up to date on arrangements, involved you in all aspects of getting the balloon in the air and made the experience so memorable. I will remember this birthday as one of my best :)


Envey - Nov 10, 2015

This is a very well organised and super friendly company. We were fortunate enough to have Brian as our pilot along with his excellent sense of humour. You are kept well informed throughout the entire journey. 
It was breathtaking! The flight was very gentle and stable and at no point do you feel unsafe. 

Brian was highly experienced and landed us beautifully as well.

Group participation is encouraged and you get plenty of photos at the end.
I would highly recommend Global ballooning, and hopefully you'll be lucky enough to get Brian as your pilot. Thank you making it so worth getting up at 3.15am.
Brian, Tahiti. ;-)