Donna - Nov 10, 2015

Brian and his crew are so professional, friendly and we give you an experience that you will be smiling from dust to dawn. Thank you so much Global Ballooning

Tripadvisor - Nov 10, 2015

What a fantastic experience! Super excited to go on this - Brian, Pete and Belinda were amazing.. so cordial, polite and very accomodating. Instructions were crisp and peppered with lots of funny anecdotes and stories as we took off. 

If this is your first time, some key points you must remember:
1) Take this tour on the very first day you can. Leave room for reschedules, especially if it rains. If it gets rescheduled, you need to have few extra days available, so take this tour earliest you can. My tour was rescheduled TWICE, due to inclement weather. Luckily I was in town for 4 days, and took the tour on day 1, so I had days 2-3-4 to allow for reschedules. Phew! 

2) Remember to bring adequate warm gear - suggest bringing extra change of pants/jeans and footwear (leave fancy shoes behind). You sometimes land in fields wet with morning dew, so your pants may get wet. (hey Global guys - this should be added to the tour "prework" guide). 

3) If you're taking the Yarra valley flight, leave time to get there early, esp., if you're driving from Mel town, on your own. And be careful not to SPEED on the highway! On some streets, the speed limit is only 50-60 kmph. Easy to miss the speed limit signs in the pitch morning darkness.


Zoe - Nov 10, 2015

Spectacular views of the Yarra Valley. A must do experience, well worth the money. Very calm and peaceful. We did sunrise flight so had to be up very early but it was so worth it. Flight was followed by a champagne breakfast


Dianne - Nov 10, 2015

Thanks to Brian and all the staff at Global Ballooning for an amazing experience yesterday over the beautiful Yarra Valley. We enjoyed every minute and would recommend this company to anyone thinking of taking a hot air balloon ride. Everyone is friendly, helpful and very professional. Great way to start a day. 


Erin - Nov 10, 2015

I first heard about this from some other tourists I was sitting next to at breakfast. They were so enthusiastic that I signed up even though it was a little pricey. It was SO worth it! The flight is incredible and pilot Nick did a fantastic job of turning the basket so everyone got great shots of all the views. I loved how we got to help set up and take the balloon down. Incredibly friendly and helpful crew and they will pick you up at your hotel I. The CBD. You won't be disappointed!


Lynden - Nov 10, 2015

Lots of fun. Pilot very good and made us all feel very comfortable at all stages. Great experience in flight. Was also good to be able to help set up and pack the balloon away. Highly recommended.

Invy - Nov 10, 2015

I booked this as a present for My wife's Christmas present. We flew over the yarra valley and had breakfast at Balgownie estate winery. Our pilet Brian and ground crew Peaky and Simon are legends not only are they professional and know the gig backwards they also kept the entire group of 16 well informed and in fits of laughter through out the whole experience. I would highly recommend Global for a hot air baloon ride and now want to do it again but over Melbourne
Thanks Guys for a great day.

Sarah - Nov 6, 2015

Grega and Belinda were a great team. His experience and professionalism shone through; her personality, abilities and attitude were impressive.

Dinh - Nov 6, 2015

It was a busy morning as the drive to the take off point was further than expected. Brian was very clear with his instructions, professional, calm whilst entertaining (joyful humour). This made us feel very safe (we are scared of heights!!) and enjoyed our experience very much.

Natalie - Nov 6, 2015

The lady who booked our flight over the phone at Global ballooning was fantastic at explaining everything and making me feel very reassured that i had made the right decision, her name was Kate. Also our pilot on the balloon was very funny and excellent at answering questions and making our experience of helping set up and pack away the balloon very fun, his name was Nik.

Rachel - Nov 6, 2015

Nick the pilot, made us feel very safe and relaxed. He explained everything clearly and thoroughly and also threw in an amusing comment here and there, making the flight very enjoyable

Angela T - Sep 28, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you.  What a wonderful experience the balloon flight was with my Partner on Saturday. 

We thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Chris - Sep 1, 2015

Kiff he was informative and made you feel relaxed

Chao - Sep 1, 2015

Nick was very nice and gentle, and provided a lot of instructions to let everyone fully enjoy the whole process right from the start.

Susan - Aug 27, 2015

Felt very safe with Brian as a pilot.