Margaret T - Apr 30, 2015

Hello Kate,

At last my son has had time to use on my computer the USB for the above flight. I am very happy to see the photos as now I can convince my doubting friends and relatives that I was so crazy,at 81 years of age to venture on to such a flight which I enjoyed so much. It was so peaceful and not even a bump was felt, the unorthodox landing was not a problem but possibly on reflection a lot easier for me to exit the basket.  Thank you for your speedy attention in replacing the USB and I apologise for the delay in letting you know all is well here. 

Margaret T

Cassandra Embling - Apr 21, 2015

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you all very much for a wonderful flight this morning over Melbourne. My gran and I really enjoyed ourselves. I would like to thank Bambie and Tim in particular. These two gentlemen made sure that my vision impairment wasn't an issue. They both helped me to be a part of the whole experience including allowing me to touch things and explain things to me. They also helped me to be a part of setting up and packing up the balloon which I really appreciated and enjoyed.

We had both been looking forward to a hot air balloon flight for a long time, it was definitely worth it.

Thanks again so much for such an awesome morning! We will be recommending you guys.

Smooth Adventure - In2rpd Travellers - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 20, 2015

We flew in a 24 pax balloon piloted by Viktor on a fine winter morning. It was a good weather day and it was a very chilly morning and we were thankful the flight was still on as the one previously was cancelled.

We were initiated into the flight right from the start so we got a real feel of what it was to pilot unlike in passenger jets where you don't get to see the action.

We touched 4500 ft at one point where the view was out of the world. It was smooth sailing through out and we were kept well informed.

Breakfast at Rochford winery was fantastic.

Ballooning over Melbourne - Eleazar De Gracia Jr - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 20, 2015

This activity was another gem on our trip to Australia. 
Even though it was a cloudy day, we had great views over Melbourne and the bay. 
The crew, Bambi and Tim, were amazing. Great attitudes and made the flight feel safe and enjoyable. We had the breakfast at the hotel included, well stocked-breakfast.
We were surprised that we were asked to volunteer to set up and take down the balloon and basket. We took it positively and enjoyed the whole experience.

Lovely - Mrs KLC - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 20, 2015

We had a wonderful time. Our first flight in the yarra valley was cancelled due to poor weather so we booked our next in Melbourne (we live in Melbourne). The process was smooth and without problems. We took off from Royal Park and landed in Burnley. Our pilot, David, was informative but not instrusive. The views were incredible and it was a lovely flight! It is expensive but the sort of thing you do once so I think it's worth it. The experience was brilliant!

Fantastic - bluetootz68 - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 20, 2015

Fantastic from start to finish, the pilots and ground crew are happy for you to help with the setting up and packing away, 5 balloons went up on my day and the views of Melbourne are stunning. Made my trip to Australia . I will be booking again on my next trip to Melbourne

Melbourne from a balloon - Mary-Ann M - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 13, 2015

I live in Melbourne and I took 2 overseas guests on this amazing ride over my beautiful city. I was so proud to be able to show them Melbourne from the air with such very competent pilots from Global Balloons. This is a must if you can afford it.

Floating on air - WendyHendricks - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 13, 2015

My husband and I received this as a gift for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we got to enjoy it on my birthday so double celebration, phone instructions the evening before are necessary as we had a slight hiccup with our booking but thanks to David everything sorted out and our booking went ahead smoothly, Nick our pilot was great, took photos, pointed out different landmarks, gave us our instructions for landing prior to takeoff, once up in the air your just drifting along effortlessly and your time goes quite quickly, it's great to see different landmarks from the air MCG, PORT MELBOURNE, CAULFIELD RACE COURSE, THE BAY, and other various places but depending on the air conditions depends on what you will see and where you will land. It was awesome watching the sun come up and looking across to the other balloons, you don't feel cold at all but should wear a light weight Jkt etc. You do get asked to participate in the setting up and packing up but that is part of the experience. We thoughouly enjoyed our ride.

Floating through the air - Croswannie - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 13, 2015

Finally got to experience hot air ballooning - third time lucky but so worth waiting for. Viktor is a great pilot, explains briefly where we are and what is happening and then just stands back and lets everyone enjoy the pure peace that comes from floating through the air. Wear shoes fit to walk through a wet cow paddock, comfortable clothes to get involved in inflation and packing up of the balloon and a head cover is useful to protect from the heat radiating from above. 

Incredible Experience - B0YSRUS - Trip Advisor Review - Apr 13, 2015

We were picked up at 4am for our sunrise hot air ballon ride over the city of Melbourne. It is one of the only cities in the world where this is even possible. The balloonist had our son release helium balloon with a light in it to gauge the wind and help make the decision of our take off location. We all assisted in setting the balloon up, getting it ready for lift off in a park field. We flew over trees, parks, rivers, buildings and right through the city itself landing in a cricket field. We helped pack up the balloon and traveled back to a hotel where we enjoyed a great breakfast with our amazing balloonist Kiff and his team.

Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

Ok, so it's not cheap at $400 odd (per person). However, if you've never done it you should, and if you've done it before you're probably thinking, like me, that you should do it again. 
My wife I and took a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne over the weekend and it's just a fantastic experience. Ok, you have to get up REALLY early but once you're floating effortlessly (and noiselessly) across the Melbourne skyline, watching the sun come up, you realise it's all worth it. There were 4 balloons floating with us, and with views of the Bay, the CBD and the other balloons it is simply an irresistible journey.
The whole team at GB are very professional, very safety minded and well organised. Thoroughly recommended - just go to bed a little earlier than we did, on the night before. And don't forget your camera.

Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

Sensational. From the admin staff who arrange the booking, all the way through to the final shake of the hand with the pilot after leaving breakfast once it's all done... highly professional!

It isn't a cheap experience but I would do it all again. I really cannot fault the staff. 
The view is spectacular and is so serene up there.

Marcus - Feb 16, 2015

We were a private party that paid to get our own balloon for twelve people to go on a Sunrise trip among the clouds over Yarra Valley on the 5th of December 2014.

The day started early since we had to wake up at around 03:00 to get the car from Melbourne to Yarra Valley. To make sure that we were going to be up in the air in time for the sunrise, the crew gathered us early to help them prepare the balloon which was a fun experience even if it was quite though and heavy.

We were quite unlucky with the weather since it was a cloudy day with rain in the distance, but even though the weather was so-so, the experience was still amazing.

We flew over the vineyards and we saw kangaroos jumping around on the fields. We also were able to go above the clouds to see the bright morning sun which itself was a majestic experience and view.

Our captain was Victor who was a Russian ex helicopter pilot and he had great knowledge and was very professional and polite. 

If someone who read this is scared of heights, don't worry. It is definitely not as scary as it may seem. For some reason you don't feel like you are in danger in any way even if you are just sitting in a basket hundreds of meter up in the air. None of us felt scared even if we was worried before the flight that we would be. All of us were able to look straight below us without feeling any scary feelings of the height.

Don't forget to bring a cap or a hat. The heat of the fire that keep the balloon up is not very comfortable, and a hat is definitely recommended.

Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

5 of us booked the hot air balloon as this would be our highlight event in that region. Wonderful experience and very well conducted with good adherence to safety protocol. Started early morning and needed to help out in getting the balloon up and folding it after the ride. 
The post balloon breakfast was only 3/5. had to get back to RACV for a proper breakfast.
Otherwise a must for anyone visiting this region.

Anonymous - Feb 16, 2015

Wow- this was an amazing experience. Must warn you it is a very early start to the day- we did the Yarra Valley tour and were picked up at 3AM. However this is definitely worth it. 

I have never done ballooning before and a little afraid of heights. However the experience was very tranquil and never felt frighten. The staff are very efficient and friendly. 

The highlight is definitely the views of Yarra Valley- we did a winery tour after the ballooning and it was great seeing things on the ground that we had earlier seen from above.

You get to help set up and pack the balloon which adds to the experience. 

The morning is completed with a fantastic breakfast at Rochford Wines. 

Would highly recommend Global Ballooning to everyone.