Jordan T - Aug 5, 2014

Good afternoon, here are a couple of pics I took whilst ballooning on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know we had an amazing time and the service was excellent. I am a photographer so as you could imagine the opportunities to shoot were amazing. Thanks again

Ris & Shannon - Aug 3, 2014

Simply amazing!!

My fiance and I would like to express our biggest thanks to the entire Global Ballooning Australia team for the unforgettable experience to mark the beginning of our future life together.

Massive thanks to our fantastic pilot Tim and Belinda for the wonderful balloon flight over the stunning Yarra valley. They were professional, warm and friendly which made the entire flight even more enjoyable.

Massive thanks to Kate and Erin as well. They were extremely helpful and prompt in assisting me on my proposal plan. I have to commend Kate as she was quick to follow up to reschedule our proposal flight when she found out that it was cancelled due to poor weather.

So once again, I would like to thank each and everyone at Global Ballooning Australia for helping me to turn my proposal plan into reality! It is definitely an 'once in a lifetime' experience!

Wendy H - Jun 12, 2014

I loved the whole experience, especially the setting up. Brian, Keith and Belinda were fantastic and made the experience all the better. 

Jun Vo - Jun 6, 2014

Hi Erin and the Global Ballooning Australia team,   I just want to send my great thankfulness to you and the team to give me that fantastic opportunity to fly with you guys.  It was absolutely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for me. Pilot Nick did an awesome job on the day with all his passion and kindness. I love every bit of the trip from the meeting to the landing part. Everything just happened to be perfect! It is definitely a highly recommended tour.

Kim L - May 23, 2014

Unforgettable experience & one I hope to do again! Accommodation was perfect, lovely staff, ballooning was sensational! Very professional and worth every cent! Thank you

Cris J - May 15, 2014

We had a 'once in a lifetime' morning yesterday, thanks to the weather and Global Ballooning Australia!

Thanks heaps!!! 

Judy K - May 9, 2014

Kate, a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Global Ballooning Australia

My son and I loved our balloon flight on Friday morning

The weather was perfect, we did miss going over the city but we did get to fly from Doncaster and land at moorabin airport

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and of course purchased the balloon usb with pics, i have been showing everyone and hoping I can get others on a flight soon

Everyone has been wonderful, from organising flights with emails and phone calls, to the wonderful staff getting us up in the air to back to the hotel for breakfast

David could inform us all through the flight of where we were, or what building was what, he has great knowledge and he made our flight a wonderful experience

So please ensure you thank everyone as they make are just as important as you are in the office to making our flights so enjoyable.

I will do it again and hope my next flight is over Melbourne city as that would be amazing.

I sent emails out to around 100 people through friends, family, work colleges and clients today

Told them all to book a flight, even an email has gone to NZ to let the staff know when they come to Melbourne they must book a flight

Lisa C - May 1, 2014

What an awesome experience! It was more wonderful than I could imagine. We were lucky enough to fly right over the Yarra River taking in the sites of The Eureka and Crown. Most memorable. Thank you so much!

Steve F - Apr 28, 2014

Hey guys. I took one of your balloon trips in Melbourne in December last year. You have asked me for email feedback and I'm sorry I haven't replied as yet. The experience of ballooning was one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks so much for an unforgettable day. Brilliant weather, great people in the balloon with me, loads of spectacular photos (I have some to share if you'd like to see them). Just let me know. Anyhow, thanks for an experience that I have been able to share with many people, and I hope to do it again one day.

Renae W - Apr 25, 2014


Thank you for the opportunity to fly with your company, we had an amazing time. I’m sure lots of people provide photos back of their experiences, and you’ve had plenty of professional shots taken, but I have attached a couple of pics I took with my iPhone and I was really impressed with!!

Enjoy, see you again soon.  

Amanda & Leigh M - Apr 14, 2014

Me and my husband went on a flight yesterday 13th April. It was truly amazing, breathtaking and just so peaceful. The views were amazing. The pilot we had 'Dean' was fantastic, he made the flight enjoyable and so relaxing. The breakfast was so nice and a great end to a fantastic early morning! Everyone from Global Ballooning Australia were so informative and really lovely people in general. It was a lovely end to an amazing 2 year Wedding Anniversary. Thank you to all that made it so special!

Kathleen K - Apr 10, 2014

The take off was perfect and the whole experience was fabulous, some of the flight was above the clouds which was a great experience. The flight over Melbourne and the scenery was just great. Will definitely do another flight soon I am 71 and it certainly was one of the highlights of my life. Thank to Tim our pilot and Chris his assistant for there care and attention to everyone one board. The breakfast was delicious also.

Vicki L from Singapore - Apr 5, 2014

We had our balloon flight this morning & all of us, including one with a fear of heights agreed it was great fun. Thank you to the team for a pleasant & fun morning!

Merrin M - Apr 2, 2014

The day of our flight was foggy & low cloud so it was touch & go as to whether we were going up. The staff kept us informed through out then the decision to have breakfast first was made. Breakfast was beautiful & the staff fabulous. Then we were up & away. Being involved in the set up & pack up was also a lot of fun; got people talking to each other straight away. Due to the low cloud we couldn't go as high as usual but still the stunning view over the valley was amazing.

Janelle S - Mar 16, 2014


I just want to say a big thank you to the staff at Global Ballooning Australia. Everyone I dealt with has been fantastic.

 On our 6th try we finally got to go up and it was such an amazing experience. I would definitely do it again!

Thank you,