Lorraine - Apr 17, 2013

I really appreciated the professionalism of Dean whilst in the air! 

Murray - Apr 14, 2013

Nick was a great pilot and everyone is very helpful!

Anonymous - Apr 9, 2013

My partner and I went ballooning with Global on Sunday. We had a fantastic time and experienced all round great service from an enthusiastic, professional and well organised team. They were spot on with timing and made sure we knew exactly what was happening prior to and throughout the morning. Nothing was too much hassle, and they happily dropped us back at our hotel for breakfast and showed us our photos before everyone else so we would be back on time.

The flight itself, amazing! We highly recommend it! Hats off to our pilot Kiff who was great!!

Ken.W - Apr 7, 2013

We had an amazing morning! Thank you! 

Philip - Apr 5, 2013

Dean our pilot was very skills, calm and informative. 

Laura - Apr 4, 2013

Today I had the great chance to go on a balloon flight. 
For me, as a backpacker, a good opportunity to see Australia from a different perspective. 
I've never done it before and for me it was very interesting to see how everything works to get the balloon in the air and back on the trailer again. 
I liked it that all the passengers were involved in making that happen. 
The instructions were short and clear and they also thought about older people. Safety first. 

The crew was in my opinion very profesional. Sometimes a joke in between with the passengers, but also with each other. You can see that they love their job. 

From the beginning everything went smooth and fast. 
You arrive, fill in a form, get some coffee or thee, and when everyone is ready, you go outside to the bus from your pilot. 
Everything was prepared and ready to go. 
Ones at the place of departure, some clear instructions and within a short time everyone was in the basked and we took off. 
So impressive to see how that goes. 

We had a full hour to enjoy the view and ones in the air we could see the sunrise. 
The Yarra Valley is beautiful and worth seeing it!

Our pilot Dean did great and after a very comfortable flight we landed soft and perfectly in the middle of a field. 
As a team we made it to get the balloon all packed on the trailer again and ones back at the vineyard, the friendly staff was waiting for us with champagne. 
Dean told us some of the history of ballooning and as the finishing touch we had a great breakfast. 

I'm very happy with this experience and I will never forget it.

Anonymous - Apr 1, 2013

What a great insight into hot air ballooning. A great team of
People, amazing experience and Brian our pilot, well what skill landing us in the trailer whoa! The yarra valley was a great place to experience this and rochford winery is a great spot for a delicious breakfast!

Colin - Mar 7, 2013

The whole experiane was excellent, as was the expertise of the pilots and ground crew from Global ballooning.

Sandy - Mar 6, 2013

Thank you for organising our treat yesterday – Kirsty and Josh had a wonderful time and it was great to be able to thank them for the hard work they do with such a lovely experience.

Kaitlin - Feb 25, 2013

My boyfriend and I did the ballooning over the city on Valentines Day, The day started off very early with us having to call and double check that our flight was still going ahead at 4 in the morning! We got the all clear and that's just where the fun began! We were picked up from our hotel by David a really friendly man! The morning was calm and not cold at all!!! We all helped with setting up the balloon! Its great that you can help and really feel apart of the whole experience! We soared across the city and watched the sunrise! Its so peaceful up in the air!!! Peak hour traffic was below us and we couldn't hear a thing! One thing i suggest is definitely taking a hat as the flame above your head can get REALLY hot!!! We had a fun landing in the caulfield gardens and headed back to the Hilton for a buffet breakfast which was delish!!! It was one of the most amazing experiences and ill remember it forever!!

Ethne and Monica - Feb 21, 2013

This morning my Mom and I took our ballooning trip over Melbourne and would like to thank Nick and John Stone very much for all their help and consideration shown to us. Their attitude and kindness was most professional for which we both sincerely thank them and would eagerly recommend Global Ballooning Australia to our friends.

Erik. - Feb 14, 2013

Thanks Nick and all for the amazing flight

Alan J - Feb 5, 2013

Thanks again to your team for your help. You've been great to deal with

Mark B - Jan 12, 2013

Great day from start to finish. Would highly recommend to anybody wanting to take a balloon flight.  

Karen - Jan 2, 2013

Wonderful service. Very friendly and professional. Great Experience.