Kellie - Mar 26, 2011

Just a short note to say thanks for a fantastic morning on the 23/03/11. David our pilot was friendly and professional, this was my second flight looking forward to booking my third in December, keep up the great work!

unknown - Mar 17, 2011

A big thank you to Yarra Valley pilots and crew for making Mum and Dad's fist balloon adventure such a memorable day. Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate thier 80th birthdays!

Gary Hart - Mar 7, 2011

The BEST experience I have ever had! Absolutely fantastic! my wife did not join me, but I now think she is regretting it after watching me from the ground, hopefully I will be back again soon! Cheers Gary

Mark & Kathlyn - Feb 17, 2011

Firstly thank you very much.... The whole morning was fantastic and Sanjay was an awsome pilot, we were all very impressed when he landed the baloon on the back of the trailor lol

Anonymous - Jan 20, 2011

Absolutely awesome! My whole family had the time of their lives. Thank you.

Luke Stephens - Jan 20, 2011

Awesome Experience! Totally loved our flight the other morning! Hats off to our wonderful crew Dave and Bourkie! Great personalities and professionalism! I would love to go again! It really did blow my mind! As well, the breakfast at the Hilton that followed was a bonus. A class act Global Ballooning Australia!

Paul Holmes - Jan 19, 2011

We went on a balloon ride on Saturday morning (15/1) and wanted to acknowledge the wonderful crew we had and the amazing experience it was! Dave the pilot and Bourkie his assistant were just the best. They were very professional, yet friendly. They aimed to please and very quickly had the ten people in our basket working as a team!

We cannot speak highly enough of their efforts and would like to thank them especially for making us feel safe while giving us a fun-filled, wonderful experience.

I had always wanted to go riding in a balloon and now I know why!! It more than exceeded my expectations! Thanks again for an experience of a lifetime.

unknown - Jan 19, 2011


Postponements due to weather are handled really well - pleasant delivery of info and reason given.

Marg - Jan 13, 2011

"The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for anything more! As you know the champagne breakfast followed and David ( I knew his name by now) happened to sit with us, I was to find out later we both knew there was something going on between us!!" .... FOR FULL STORY ON HOW DAVID AND MARG MET SEE OUR LATEST NEWS PAGE!

Nadine - Dec 31, 2010

We went on our flight yesterday morning and it was exceptionally well organised, simple and beautiful - thank you.

Anonymous - Dec 23, 2010

Just amazing, crew friendly, food fantastic, experience priceless!!

Anonymous - Dec 15, 2010

It had to be good waking up at 3.00am! It was worth it! Getting us to help is a great touch. Thanks.

Anonymous - Dec 8, 2010

Great pilot in Brian - loved the landing!

Raylene - Nov 30, 2010

My father, Jym Teal, recently had the time of his life ballooning with you in Yarra Valley. He is a passionate poet, and has dedicated a brief poem to your work!  Hope you enjoy it. 

"The Balloonist's Prayer"

Lord give me strength to do it right

To take off smooth as hope I might

As smooth a flight as it could be

I hope we miss that bloody tree

We drift along without a care

I must be true I must be fair

I love my job up in the air

But most of all if I should fail

No more orders in the mail

I hope we land without a thump

But just a gentle little bump


(City Slicker)

unknown - Nov 22, 2010

Fantastic! Highly recommendable, not one complaint!!