TripAdvisor - thejamo1967 - Dec 7, 2018

Up, up and away!

A must-do experience. Kiffy, Zhe and all the crew did an amazing job to create an unforgettable experience. Our flight from Williamstown to Bulleen gave us spectacular dawn views of the bay and Melbourne's CBD and parklands. I cannot recommend this company and the experience of hot air ballooning highly enough!

TripAdvisor - yingzhao27 - Dec 7, 2018

Amazing trip!

The sunrise melbourne ballooning ride was absolutely amazing. It was a nice and relaxing balloon ride and the view of the city and the sunrise was stunning. The pilot Kiff was really experienced and professional, the flight is so calm. The team were so kind and helpful. Highly recommend!

TripAdvisor - liyueluna - Dec 6, 2018

Luna Li

Fantastic flying experience!Amazing pilot with wonderful weather. The team were so kind and helpful and gave us an incredible experience. As Melbourne is the only one place where can provide hot balloon over the CBD area in the world, I extremely recommend you should take a short trip with it.

TripAdvisor - vanessaa234 - Dec 6, 2018

Highly recommend doing this. What an amazing surreal experience. Our pilot was amazing. This was on my bucket list and it surpassed my expectations :)

TripAdvisor - familyt0gether - Oct 24, 2018

A family experience to cherish

What an amazing way to spend time together as a family. The whole morning from the early start to the hot buffet breakfast at the end was exciting and so much fun. And then there's the view! But to experience it together as a family made it even more special. Thanks Brian and Team, you gave us the best experience and family adventure!

TripAdvisor - barbante - Oct 24, 2018

So peaceful and calm

We had the experience of a lifetime this morning with Brian our pilot. The air was still and the balmy morning was a beautiful time to be up and blowing up our balloon. We drifted silently from Kingsbury over the suburbs to Moorabbin. It felt so much safer than I had imagined and the landing was so smooth our basket did not tip over either. Thank you Brian and to Barry our ground crew.

TripAdvisor - Lil2080 - Oct 24, 2018

Beautiful amazing & organised!

We had a lovely time flying with global ballooning.
All staff are incredibly helpful. Walking into the building, you could feel that all staff were happy to be there. 
The flight itself was beautiful. This is the third flight I've been on and it is my favorite.
One more thing that really impressed me...
2 days before our flight, I received an email advising us that our flight might be cancelled due to weather and suggestions for better weather options. Thanks to this advice our weekend away was saved!

TripAdvisor - KC C - Oct 22, 2018

Breath taking views

It was a once in life time adventure with captain Kiff this morning and his 2 boys, we were lucky to have nice weather with us for the prefect flight. Stunning view of Melbourne city and surrounding suburbs plus the amazing sun rise. Friendly crew and great service. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to fly balloon in Melbourne. Thank you Kiff!

TripAdvisor - alex_Jiang330 - Oct 16, 2018

A great trip with excellent team of global ballooning,great memory of my life! My wife and I will fly again when we have chance back to Melbourne

Trip Advisor - solarhero - Oct 14, 2018

Great Experience.

My daughter is 8 years old and it's her first time to take balooning, I bet she will never forget this incredible experience after rising up through the cloud. Perfect in her life.

Trip Advisor - Clair G - Oct 14, 2018

Yarra Valley Balloon Flight

Had a great time, it was a fabulous morning and also had a great pilot Ronald (not MacDonald) Kent who made us feel safe 100% of the time. Highly recommend you find a morning to do this if you visit Melbourne. If the weather turns bad they will help you reschedule to another morning.

Trip Advisor - Krystal S - Oct 11, 2018

Incredible experience

This was our 3rd attempt to go up on a hot air ballon with Global. The 1st weather didn’t permit us and the 2nd I was too ill to go up. Global were amazing and understanding. Finally in August on a beautiful Saturday morning my husband and I had the honour of going up on in the hot air ballon over the Yarra Valley. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and experience the world, and this experience sits up on there on the list. The views, the calm natural beauty, what an awesome experience. 
All staff, especially the pilot were experienced, informative and super friendly. Thank you so much Global

Trip Advisor - 138rose - Oct 11, 2018


I’m scared of heights so was a bit nervous but it was perfectly fine and I felt very secure. Fun to help set up, lovely long ride with gorgeous scenery at sunrise and a nice buffet breakfast afterwards. Ronald was an excellent pilot and host. I just wished the buffet included hot chocolate or chai latte for non coffee drinkers! Otherwise, a perfect experience.

Trip Advisor - jmusilli2018 - Oct 9, 2018

Put it on your bucket list- Yarra valley hot air ballooning

Bryan who has over 20 years experience took us ballooning today from balgownie estate in the Yarra valley. If you have ever wanted to touch a cloud, we did this morning!! Bryan and his team were super friendly, professional and made our experience one to remember. A must for your bucket list!! A credit to global ballooning in the Yarra valley. Wow!!

Trip Advisor - JapanMel - Oct 9, 2018

Wonderful memorable experience

Absolutely worth the early start, it was interesting to see how they set up and then beautiful scenery over the Yarra Valley. Packing up the balloon afterwards was fun. Experienced and interesting pilot made for very comfortable flight. Great breakfast afterwards at the winery.


UPDATE 8 July 2020: To all our wonderful passengers, in line with the recent Victorian government announcement, all flights in all locations are currently suspended until further notice.

If you will like to enjoy a balloon flight with your loved ones or colleagues when we re-open OR celebrating a special occasion during this current isolation period, we will be most grateful you considered a gift voucher - there is nothing quite like a hot air balloon flight to look forward to when restrictions are lifted!