Anonymous - Feb 15, 2007

Very efficiently organised, wonderfully friendly crew making for a great experience.

Don B - Feb 15, 2007

An exciting outing. Great views. Peter and Bourkey are excellent.

Laraine - Feb 15, 2007

It was an exhilarating experience. I felt very safe and confident due to explanations.

Pauline - Feb 15, 2007

Professional and very friendly staff. The whole trip was very enjoyable.

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

One of the most memorable experiences. Absolute fantastic company. Pilot and crew friendly and accommodating.

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

Professionalism and experience of staff exemplary- Fabulous feeling and spectacular views.

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

Contrary to expectations there was nothing scary about the flight- just a beautifully gentle peaceful experience.

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

Excellent experience, great crew and office staff, pilot good with kids!

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

A fabulous highlight, worth every cent! Felt totally safe! Wonderful to participate - magic from start to finish. Thank-you!

Ken G - Jan 19, 2007

Total experience was wonderful. Crew were so professional and friendly. It felt like we were among friends!

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

It was an outstanding experience. Staff was highly skilled, friendly and provided assistance at all time!

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

I want to go again soon! It was just so fantastic. The whole experience. I can't stop smiling!

Debbie - Jan 19, 2007

The experience of a lifetime. So serene and peaceful. It was a well organised, interactive, awe and wonder experience...plus I got a proposal of marriage!

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

Absolutely fantastic! Don't do anything differently - great set up! We'll be back next year.

Anonymous - Jan 19, 2007

Well done!! No room for improvement, the whole morning is 100%. Fantastic operation by Global! There is no better experience and Global do it so well. Thank-you!