Trip Advisor - lindamonkjack - Apr 18, 2018

Safety first

Our first balloon ride was cancelled on what we thought was a not very windy day, but these guys take safety as their primary factor. In the end we did get above the clouds. I wont go into too much detail as i don't want to spoil it, just to say - just do it!

Trip Advisor - Courtney B - Apr 12, 2018

A Must Do!!

My husband and I were both a little nervous about this experience, but we are both so glad we did it. Amazing from start to finish, professional and courteous staff, and beautiful views from above the clouds. Don't miss this!

Trip Advisor - traveljae8 - Apr 12, 2018


Absolutely an amazing experience. Such a professional company. The pilots were great. I could not recommend these guys enough!!!

Trip Advisor - Ramsman67 - Apr 12, 2018

Tick your bucket list and DO THIS!!!!

What a wonderful experience we had from start to finish, we had a lovely calm morning flight soaring high over Melbourne with an absolute glorious sunrise, we were encouraged to help set the balloon up as part of the experience if you wanted, the time aloft was over the 1 hour promised and the landing was perfectly executed by our captain Kiff. I used this beautiful experience to propose to my wonderful partner of 2 years and we shall marry in November this year, certainly a proposal to remember for both of us. I love you Suzi.

Pui. Z - Apr 11, 2018


Trip Advisor - Serrabear3 - Apr 10, 2018

I would definitely do it again!

The friendliness, professionalism and experience of the pilots and crew were top notch and they prioritised making sure everyone felt comfortable with the flight. Gliding through the air felt effortless. I've been to the Yarra Valley many times but seeing it from above was an unmissable way to take in all of the beauty! The champagne breakfast afterwards is a must, a great range of delicious food and coffee to help kick start the rest of the day! Thanks Steve and Bambi for making the van ride and flight such an enjoyable experience. Hot air ballooning isn't just for couples, I would recommend this to other solo travelers.

Trip Advisor - nvindis - Apr 10, 2018

Must do experience

As a keen photographer I was looking forward to having the experience of going up in a hot air balloon at sunrise over Melbourne CBD...at the same time I was apprehensive as this was a hot air balloon and I had no idea whether the height would scare the hell out of me. The experience was magical and amazing and so smooth and gentle... I still don't know whether I would be able to find the exact word to describe the flight. I have tens upon tens of photographs...that I will treasure...and frame...and I will do the experience again. The champagne breakfast was just an added bonus. Our pilot and driver were amazing...thank you Global Ballooning...and for anyone reading this review...just book it...

Kyle M - Mar 28, 2018

The Global Ballooning staff is absolutely incredible! This most certinaly is a morning I will never forget. The weather was lovely -- a bit brisk in the morning, but an easy fix with a jersey nonetheless. It's such a wild feeling lifting from the ground & beginning to fly. Beyond launch, the sun begins to rise over the valley & the earth begins to warm. The whole experience from start to finish (after breakfast, yum) is worth everything it takes to get there & the early morning. I would 100 percent recommend a flight experience Global Ballooning.

Hinns K - Mar 28, 2018


It was a bit hard to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, but when it was at the point of departure, I watched as the hot air balloon slowly began to blow up. We slowly raised it, forgot to forget fatigue, and the camera took pictures. It's definitely a great experience to be happy.

Trip Advisor - Ronan996 - Feb 22, 2018

Unforgettable experience

One of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life. The countryside is amazing, the views from the balloon are incredible, and it feels very safe, too, not at all scary.

Zhuo Y. - Feb 22, 2018



Trip Advisor - LizzieGLondon - Feb 9, 2018

This was an amazing day and you MUST go on this if you are in Melbourne! Bambi (our driver) was fantastic - really informative and funny. You get breathtaking views on the hot air balloon and watch the sunrise over the Yarra Valley. Our pilot, Peter, was very experienced and took the balloon down so we were floating just above the mist on the ground and then up again - it was brilliant. After you land everyone helps get the balloon secured and put away which is really fun so don't be shy join in if you can! 

Trip Advisor - Kristy S - Feb 9, 2018

Living in Melbourne, I've been wanting to go on a hot air balloon for quite some time and finally got the chance this morning. 
What an experience.. something we will remember for a very long time. We had the perfect morning for it and had some spectacular views over the city. 
Crew were great - special shout out to Stoney and our pilot Darial for being such seasoned professionals. 
Would highly recommend it and can't wait to do the next trip over the Yarra Valley!

Trip Advisor - Donna I - Feb 9, 2018

Worth getting up for

Steve and Bambi were great. It was so much fun. They involved all of us getting the balloon up and flying. We also all worked together to pack it all up. So much to learn. The views were breathtaking and the sight of our balloon reflected in a farmers pond will not soon be forgotten.

Trip Advisor - Fran S - Jan 30, 2018

What an amazing experience

We were advised by the staff when booking to try the Monday and if that didn't go ahead we had the second day as a backup. Unfortunately the Monday was cancelled at the launch site due to incoming bad weather. We were so glad that Brian cancelled the Monday, (as the Tuesday was incredible). We then were contacted by the company 3 times to apologise and rebooked. The staff in the office were attentive and thorough. The Tuesday morning came around and we knew the flight would proceed. OMG: it was one of the most amazing experiences I've been on. It was evident the pilot, Brian, was very experienced and knew his craft but not only that, he was patient and knowledgeable about the Valley. The ground staff were amazing too. They were all so intent to ensure we had a fantastic experience. What a wonderful team they make. We booked the champagne breakfast afterwoods and I feel that's a must. We had a wonderful time and highly recommend this to anyone.