5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

Dates are meant for three things: to get to know someone, to impress, and to make memories!

Whether you’re looking to keep your long-term relationship exciting, going on a date with someone new, or celebrating an anniversary, finding romantic and fun things to do together as a couple can be tricky.

We can assure you, ballooning is the ultimate PERFECT DATE and ticks all of the boxes. Here is how to craft your ultimate date…

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

1. Be inspired – create that “WOW” factor by booking something neither of you has experienced before, one that they’ll be talking about for years to come!

Experiencing something so breathtaking and a once-in-a-lifetime experience (so to say) is guaranteed to get them pumped for future dates and a wild way to get to know someone.

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

2. Choose unique – choose a flight location in a different area to where you live – explore the area as a tourist in your own state.

If you live in Melbourne, book a night away in Yarra Valley (1hr from CBD) or Mansfield (2.5hrs from CBD).

We’ve been locked down enough due to covid so go a little crazy with the cool and quirky experiences that Victoria has to offer – there is plenty on offer!

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

3. Make it special – would you tell them about it prior or surprise them on the morning? How would you present the gift?

A cute idea is a gold box with a balloon that floats out when opened. The voucher is connected to the bottom of the string for your loved one to open with surprise.

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

4. Get active – high arousal activities build a stronger connection between you and your date. Ballooning is interactive so we appreciate any help to pack it down – get your hands stuck into the fun and your heart racing! You’ll be busting to get to breakfast to celebrate with a glass of sparkling.

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

5. Make it unforgettable – why only book a ballooning experience…go all out and explore the city/region for more than just the morning. You can play a vital role in supporting businesses after a tough 2 years. We’ve got packages and can also recommend where to go whilst in the area – just ask our team!

5 steps to craft an unforgettable date!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – either book a flight on the 14th of February OR buy a gift voucher so you can lock in a suitable PERFECT DATE within the next 12mths!

Book your ultimate escape NOW!

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