Branded Balloons - Aerial Advertising

Branded Balloons - Aerial Advertising

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

Let us help you to design a flying brand to suit your expectations and budget

A hot air balloon drifting slowly across the sky captivates and enthralls people of all ages. There is little doubt when watching a balloon from the ground that a childhood dream is stirred and genuine excitement experienced - the kind that both attracts and holds attention.

Hot air balloons are an extremely cost effective outdoor branding medium. They offer clients a level of diversity that is not apparent with conventional outdoor advertising methods. What other day to day outdoor advertising mediums will have people stop what they are doing to take a photograph of your branding?

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

Other significant aspects of Hot Air Balloon branding are:

  • Clients are able to run sales promotions featuring customers flying in their flagship.
  • Branding gives you the opportunity to run staff and client incentives throughout the campaign.
  • Hot Air Balloons are media friendly - you can fly media or receive tremendous gratis media through our own PR.
  • The balloon can be packed away and transported easily therefore becoming a mobile flagship - even interstate or international.
  • Emotive imagery for use in product promotion or just brighten up the work place.
  • Corporate or community hospitality.

Our current clients: Zonzo Estate, Balgownie Estate, Nova100, Rochford Wines, Burt & Davies Transport Accident Lawyers, Chandon and DeBortoli Wines have all enjoyed the multi-faceted attributes that give them a healthy return on their investment.

Ask us about the cost effective rates associated with sponsoring a balloon envelope over Melbourne or Yarra Valley - you might be surprised at how realistic it is to have your own gigantic floating billboard flying high.

Company Branded Balloon Envelopes


Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

Hot air balloons can be a cost effective way of creating an eye catching outdoor branding message. These balloons are designed, built and manufactured in consultation with a clients requirements. The balloon envelopes last around 3-5 years and can be purchased under a sponsorship arrangement or as part of a full integrated promotional package.

As we have balloons operating regularly over Melbourne city, sponsorship becomes a cost effective option for businesses wanting to raise their brand awareness in Melbourne.

Our Services include:-

  • Design and Manufacturing assistance
  • Promotion and Event Management
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Corporate Hospitality

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

We would be happy to discuss the possibility of raising your product or company name above the clutter with a fully integrated Aerial Advertising Package.

Contact our office and enquire about our Corporate Rates

Bannering an exisiting balloon

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

A bannered balloon is suitable for clients seeking to brand a balloon for short term events or campaigns. This may include product launches, photographic work and film shoots.

The way it works: - The banner is built as a second skin of the balloon. It can then be printed or inkjetted with the artwork or message you wish to have on the balloon. Once completed, the banner is applied to the balloon by velcro.  Banners can be made from Nylon or Tyvec, depending on clients' budget limits .

White Balloon:- Global Ballooning Australia has a generic, white balloon which has been purpose built to carry banners. (see above image)

The objective of our white balloon is to offer prospective clients a plain white canvas on which to attach their logo or campaign message. From assistance with design to manufacture, our staff will take care of all arrangements. We also assist with any event management to ensure that your balloon is used in the most suitable way.

Why not contact us and ask for a design kit to help you to visualise how your balloon would look.

Special Shaped Balloons

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

Special Shape balloons are usually designed and built to support a large scale branding exercise. Generally this will consist of regular flights over major population centres as part of a promotional balloon tour. It isn't hard to see why special shape balloons are extremely effective in attracting significant media and public attention!

Special Shape balloons are made in the UK and have a build time of approximately 16 weeks. Global Ballooning Australia will assist clients with the design and manufacture as well as managing the mechanics of a promotional tour.

Kiff Saunders, Director of Global Ballooning Australia has been involved in the planning and implementation of several special shape tours in Australia, including piloting flights over Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. (See photos)

Please contact our office and ask Kiff to run you through the costs and benefits of a special shape balloon promotion.

Contact our office and enquire about our Corporate Rates

Design your Balloon

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flights

To assist with the design of your balloon envelope, Global Ballooning Australia is happy to supply design blanks so you can play around with colour styles and branding. Once we have been given a working set of drawings and digital art, we can provide 3D artwork or animated vision of your balloon flying over your city.

We are also happy to assist in all aspects of concept design and will liaise with the manufacturer throughout the construction period to ensure that the best possible result.

Contact us at the link below and ask for our PDF design blanks.