Branded Hot Air Balloons

How far could your brand reach, if it was flaunted on a full-size hot air balloon?

Hot air balloons are a cost-effective outdoor branding medium, offering clients a level of diversity unparalleled by conventional outdoor advertising methods. What other day-to-day outdoor advertising mediums will have people stop what they are doing to take a photograph of your branding?

Other significant aspects of hot air balloon branding are:

  • Clients are able to run sales promotions featuring customers flying in their flagship
  • Branding gives you the opportunity to run staff and client incentives throughout the campaign
  • Hot air balloons are media friendly — they provide a great visual for a news story or you could even take the media up into the air with you!
  • The balloon can be packed away and transported easily, therefore becoming a mobile flagship — even interstate or international
  • Emotive imagery for use in product promotion
  • Corporate or community hospitality

Some of the brands we have worked with... just to name a few


Take your brand to new heights


Hotair ballooning over Melbourne with Balloonman

Did you know the part of the aircraft that looks like a balloon is actually called an ‘envelope’?

These balloons are designed, built and manufactured in consultation with a client’s requirements. The balloon envelopes last approximately 3 – 5 years and can be purchased under a sponsorship arrangement or as part of a full integrated promotional package. 

Special Shape

Gunning LR

Special Shape balloons are designed and built to support a large-scale branding exercise. This may consist of scheduled flights over major areas as part of a promotional balloon tour. 

These balloons are made in the UK & have a build time of approximately 16 weeks. We’ll assist with the design & manufacture, as well as managing the mechanics of a promotional tour. 

Existing Balloons


A bannered balloon is suitable for clients seeking to brand a balloon for short-term events or campaigns. This may include product launches, photographic work and film shoots.

The banner is built as a second skin of the balloon. It can then be printed or ink-jetted with the artwork or message you wish to have on the balloon.  

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