Flight Only

Insta-worthy and truly a once-in-a-lifetime flight! Melbourne is the only major city in the world that you can commercially hot air balloon over.

What's included?

  • Approximate 1hr public sunrise flight over/around Melbourne (depending on the wind direction)
  • Discounted parking for a flat fee of $10 at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park hotel
  • Complete flight and ground insurance
  • Launch and landing government fees
  • A carbon neutral flight
  • Complimentary in-flight photos
  • A digital flight certificate to prove it happened


Important Information

Approximately 3-3.5hrs, including: driving to the launch site, setting up/packing down the balloon, the approx. 1hr flight and driving back to the meeting place.

Discounted undercover parking is available at the meeting place (Pullman Melbourne on the Park hotel – 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne) up until 11am at a rate of $10. Please see the concierge after your flight to pay for your parking.

Note: After 11am, the full day parking rate will apply.

  • This package is refundable less an admin fee within the first 6 months. No refunds will be given for bookings held in our system longer than 6 months.
  • In the case of your flight being cancelled due to weather, you will have 12mths to rebook or can request a refund. Bookings held in the system for longer than 6mths are non-refundable.
  • This package is transferrable to other passengers.
  • If you’d like to cancel or move your booked flight date, please do so prior to 7 days before.  Cancellations within 7 days and 48hrs of the flight date incur a $50pp fee.  There are no cancellations within 48hrs of the flight.
  • Your flight will be cancelled if minimum passenger numbers are not reached.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more information on this refund policy prior to booking.

All balloon flights are weather dependent as we need to ensure it is safe to fly you based on the conditions. This will be determined by your pilot.

Please download our mobile app & input your booking details to receive the latest weather update from our pilot.

The night before your flight before 6pm, you’ll receive a notification confirming whether we can fly you based on the weather conditions and confirming the exact meeting time. You will be able to fill out the waiver/check-in for your flight on the app the night before.

This package is NOT wheelchair accessible. 

The basket is about 1m high. We have foot holes in the side of the basket, as well as a step ladder to assist you in and out of the basket.

Pullman Melbourne on the Park
192 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Meet inside the foyer of the hotel.

Flight Only

A$595 per person

We Accept

Melbourne adventures

In this breathtaking aerial view of Melbourne, the city awakens under a gentle dawn sky. Hot air balloons float gracefully above the skyline, their colorful patterns adding a whimsical touch to the serene morning atmosphere. The city’s impressive array of skyscrapers stands tall, their glass facades reflecting the soft, early light. Below, the city’s layout unfolds with a mix of modern high-rises and charming residential neighborhoods. The greenery of parks and tree-lined streets provides a soothing contrast to the urban landscape. The tranquil waters of the lake in the foreground mirror the sky and the city, creating a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.
Arguably Melbourne’s finest viewpoint as viewed from Albert Park Lake. In the foreground, Lakeside Drive with the tall palm trees curves alongside the serene lake, which reflects the city’s skyscrapers and the morning sky. The CBD rises in the background, with a few hot air balloons adding a whimsical touch to the scene.  Green lawns and trees surround the lake, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting. This picturesque view beautifully combines Melbourne’s natural beauty with its modern architectural landscape.
FUN FACT: Melbourne is the only major city in the world where you can take a commercial hot air balloon flight over the CBD! 🎈 

Join us on a flight - embrace the magic of Melbourne from above and see why we're the envy of the world! 

📸 @steve_buckley17

Our @7elevenaus balloon looking beautiful as always, perfectly reflected in the Yarra River 🎈

Have you seen this balloon out and about over Melbourne? Let us know in the comments below where you saw it!👇🏽

Perfectly centred... floating above Melbourne's beautiful cityscape 💭 

Thanks to @walking_perspective for this breathtaking shot! 

It is with a heavy heart that we post regarding today’s tragic story whilst ballooning over Melbourne.

What started as a beautiful morning for flying became a tragic and traumatic event after a passenger from one of the other companies morning flight took it upon himself to exit the basket over Preston. We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, and our heart goes out to his family, friends, and the wider community. 

We conduct our flights with the utmost joy and passion for what we do - it is a lifestyle surrounded by celebration and happiness -  so to have such a situation occur is beyond comprehension. Being up in the sky while this emergency situation unfolded was highly stressful yet it was amazing to see how well all the pilots, ground crew and Air Traffic Control calmly focused on managing this horrific situation while we were all still flying. It really demonstrated the professional environment we work in.

Unfortunately, mental health is a big part of our lives these days , so take this moment to check in on your family and friends. We will now all be checking in on each other as we process the sadness we carry in our hearts today.
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