Safety and Operational Requirements

Safety and Operational Requirements

Safety Aspects of Ballooning

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flightsGlobal Ballooning Australia Pty Ltd is a registered aviation business under the control of Australia's Aviation regulatory body: Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). We have approval to operate commercial balloon flights throughout Australia under Air Operators Certificate #1-UNSBH-02.

This means that we are required by CASA to have the same safety risk management procedures as any small airline operating in Australia. This covers pilot licencing, operational procedures and aircraft maintenance. We are subjected to regular CASA audits and are governed by the Civil Aviation Regulations.

All of Global Ballooning Australia's pilots hold Commercial Pilot Licences (Balloons) issued by CASA. A commercial balloon pilot's training is equivalent to that of a fixed wing commercial pilot.

Global Ballooning Australia is also the only ballooning company to hold quarterly Safety Seminars for all operations staff. These are documented and sent to CASA.

Pilot Credentials

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flightsKiff Saunders is the Director of Global Ballooning Australia. He is one of only a handful of delegates of CASA to issue commercial licences and is an Australian Ballooning Federation Flight Examiner. He has flown balloons extensively around Australia and overseas, including such countries as Japan, Canada, Europe, China, USA, New Zealand and the North Pole. Kiff has been responsible for training nearly all pilots flying over Melbourne plus many more commercial pilots operating in Australia. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from having worked on promotional balloons around Australia & the world, and would be considered one of Australia's best commercial operators.

Choosing a suitable pilot for any commercial ballooning work is an extremely important consideration to the success of a campaign. It is crucial that agencies and clients conduct relevant pilot reference checks to qualify their decision before they proceed with an operator.

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flightsSee our pilots credentials

Issues of critical importance when choosing the right operator are:

  • Talk can end up being costly.
  • Check the level of skill the company and their pilots have flying balloons in the required airspace.
  • Check the infrastructure within a company and their ability to supply the results you seek.
  • Check that the operator has had previous experience running a balloon promotion or flying the type of aircraft you require in similar environments.
  • Most importantly - get references or endorsements from previous clients and or a neutral party. i.e. Australian Ballooning Federation or a local balloon manufacturer.

It is not worth risking your promotion or budget by not choosing an industry professional.

Risk Management - Insurance Cover

Global Ballooning Australia corporate flightsGlobal Ballooning Australia's commercial operations comply with the Civil Aviation Carriers Liability Act. Our aviation underwriters are part of a syndication of Lloyds of London. We carry all the necessary ground and aviation insurance to keep any client or sponsor at arms length from any liability.

Global Ballooning Australia also endeavours to maintain a 'best practice' approach in all our business dealings. We are happy to discuss our pro-active approach to safety and the measures we take to ensure that risk mitigation is a primary focus.

If you are planning an event we will supply a comprehensive 'Risk Profile Matrix'.

When you choose Global Ballooning Australia you are choosing Australia's most experienced and 'safety conscious' ballooning business. With 25+ years of experience in event, film, TVC and promotional ballooning throughout Australia and the world you could not be in better hands.