Grace Smith   Office staff

Grace Smith is Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator at Global Ballooning Australia. She joined us, as Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator, 4 months ago.

Her duties are:

As Marketing and Partnerships co-ordinator at Global Ballooning, my duties include:

  • Managemet of Global Ballooning's social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Developing marketing initiatives and campaigns.
  • Establishing new partnerships and maintaining existing partnerships in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.
  • Collaborating with social influencers, photographers and lifestyle/ travel bloggers to create content and promote Global Ballooning's services.
  • Participating in local community events.
  • Promoting brand awareness, ensuring we remain recognisable, up to date and exciting to customers, keeping in line with the Company vision and values. 
  • Industry networking.

What do you like most about your job?

I love tht every day is different, theres always something new to focus on. The tourism industry is so fast pased, it keeps you on your toes, but it also keeps things interesting. My job is never boring. 

If you could share one tip with a new employee, what would it be?
Find what you're passionate about, and make your mark!

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Knowing that what I do everyday helps to create experiences that support local business and provide our customers with amazing memories. 

Describe yourself in three words
Passionate, outgoing, determined

What was your worst ever job?

Working at a coffee kiosk in a Shopping centre food court. The penny pinching of working for a franchise really got to me. Being told to essentiall rip pople off to save money was not a workplace culture I could ever get on board with. 

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be?
I would probably be a full time student for the rest of my life, I love learning and am always looking to expand my mind.

How many times have you been ballooning?
Due to consistent lockdowns i actually haven't been yet! But i plan on flying as much as possible restrictions permitting.

In which locations have you flown over?
None sadly :(

If you could choose one place in the world to fly over in a hot air balloon where would it be?
Rome, Italy

Grace's background

I have a batchelor's degree is media and communications from the University of New England, and over 5 years of customer servce experience.

My background is in fashion marketing and sales however, my focus is digital and social media marketing.