‘A Love Letter to Melbourne’

We are producing A TIME CAPSULE OF this MOMENT IN TIME – an Aerial LOVE LOCK BRIDGE that suspends messages of hope that capture the spirit, vibe and cultural diversity of Melbourne. A MELBOURNE balloon, adorned with 5000 messages created by the people who love this city, for the people of Melbourne.

The balloon will consist of thousands of individual tags or messages designed and printed around the message “WE ARE MELBOURNE”. Our aim is to capture the essence and microculture that exists when strolling the laneways and back alleys of this city – an artwork that will capture the entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle of Melbourne.

2020 will go down in the history of Melbourne as time of hardship and resilience. Ballooning is an iconic part of the Melbourne skyline and has been for the past 30 years. The sight of balloons drifting over our city is part of its fabric – an image that is used to promote this city all over the world. The very first balloon flight in this country took off from Cremorne Gardens in Richmond in 1868 – it is ingrained in our History.

This current pandemic has resulted in our company being grounded and our passionate team dispersed for the best part of 9 months. It has been heartbreaking to be detached from what we do and love. We are engaging in a project that speaks of hope and recovery.  We believe the sight of our balloons returning to our sky will represent new growth – for us, it is time to fight for our survival – we don’t want to wait for government support to stem the financial and emotional bleeding we, and many of our friends in the tourism industry, are currently experiencing.

Our aim is to inspire ourselves and Melbourne with a message of solidarity and hope.

Share the love of this project on socials by using the hashtag #flyingloveletter

Stay safe & we look forward to showcasing this beauty over Melbourne!

The team at Global Ballooning Australia

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