The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal - Aug 22, 2019

Sam & Fren first laid eyes on each other at a friends birthday party and have been together in their relationship for about 2 years now.

In May 2019, Sam plucked up the courage to propose to Fren in one of our hot air balloon flights over Melbourne and happily shared their story for all to read.


When asked what the reasons were for choosing to propose in a hot air balloon, Sam replied,

"flying in a hot air balloon has always been on the bucket list, so when I was researching for a hot air balloon during a vacation in Melbourne, I saw very good reviews on Global Ballooning and immediately made my booking (hoping that there is no bad weather)".

There are a few different ways to propose on a hot air balloon;

a) Before the flight, as the balloon is being inflated before your eyes

b) During the flight, either in a private or group balloon

c) After the flight, in front of the inflated balloon before packing away


Sam booked himself and partner Fren on their "FIRST & BEST" hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley on a Wednesday morning in Autumn. A beautiful time of the year for viewing the sunrise from our sky-high, 360-degree platform.

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal

Being a city guy all his life, Sam chose the Yarra Valley flight location to experience more of a suburban point of view. With big romantic gestures in front of mind, Sam wanted to capture the entire moment of popping the question to the love of his life.  A personal photographer was hired, snapping away at each step of their flight experience as a keepsake forever. 

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal


Before embarking on a new adventure, it's only natural to have some mixed feelings, usually, excitement and nerves take a firm hold. Especially when declaring strong emotions to spend the rest of your life with one person! 

Hot air ballooning comes with its own challenges, specifically weather conditions as calm wind is required for us to safely launch into the sky. The uncertainty of knowing if the flight will proceed or not is worrisome for most who have booked their flight, sometimes a month or more in advance. Most couples who fly have booked for special occasions such as engagements, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and everyone wants the flight to proceed as hoped. 

Sam was in luck, his dream had come to fruition and he was about to change their relationship status from 'in a relationship' to 'engaged'! 

He had been able to keep this surprise a secret from both families up until now, the day had arrived and soon they could share their news with the world. 

We were curious to know what little white lies are told to the other half in the relationship to keep the ballooning a secret. Sometimes people will say very little to avoid giving away too much, some people have elaborate details for those who keep probing "where are we going, why are we up so early, why am I dressed for camping"...

Did Fren know that you were going ballooning or was the whole experience a surprise? If so, what did you tell her you were going to do so early in the morning?

Sam- "It was a total surprise, all I told her was we are going to have breakfast at some random vineyard".

Fren was expecting a (very early) breakfast and instead ended up floating 3000ft in the sky over the Yarra Valley in a hot air balloon!

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal  The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal


For an entire hour, the couple had uninterrupted views of the region, watching the sun rise over the horizon, as the world beneath their feet was slowing waking up.

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal

Once the balloon landed on the ground, Sam took the opportunity to kneel down in front of Fren, a gorgeous bunch of flowers in hand and a ring (of course!) to complete the arrangement.


Let me take care of you for the rest of my life

Who could say ‘no’ to this proposal?! Not Fren that’s for sure!

The photographer was able "to capture the full picture of the hot air balloon”, in all its enormity; a precious milestone souvenir.

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal  The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal

The Wedding Plans are now in place for January 2020. We would love to see the newlyweds celebrate on our balloon again, honeymoon adventure this time!


Tips for other people wanting to propose in a balloon-

Do the research and go with a good company like global ballooning, where pilot and co-workers were extremely helpful. And pray that the weather is well, and do not propose on hot air balloon, in case she said no (it would be awkward right? )”


“Would like to give a big thanks to pilot Eddie and also the co-workers who were assisting in the flight throughout, drivers Huang, they all make the experience so wonderful that it will be remembered for a lifetime”- Sam & Fren

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Sam and Fren, we wish you all the happiness in your future together as husband and wife and are so honoured to be part of your love story.


xx Team Global Ballooning Australia


Images provided by @chrystlm

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by Erin Tucci

The MOST ROMANTIC balloon proposal

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