Best balloon rides around Australia - Feb 12, 2020

Global Ballooning Australia were recently featured in the Jetstar article for "The 4 best hot air balloon rides around Australia'.

Best balloon rides around Australia

There are numerous balloon operators around Australia, all providing slightly different experiences based on the views seen from flying above. The duration of the flight can also vary, from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

One similarity though is the timing of the balloon flight, usually meeting before sunrise to enjoy the morning views. The light & scenery is just incredible at this time, providing great opportunities for high quality photography, especially if you are lucky enough to spot some wildlife out & about before the day breaks.

Best balloon rides around Australia

Another reason for sunrise balloon, as opposed to later in the day, is that the weather is more stable & reliable for hot air ballooning early in the morning. As the day proceeds, winds pick up speed and can become more unreliable in direction and flow. 

If you do have the opportunit to travel within Australia, try seeing the diverse country from a completely different perspective. Each region is home to it's own special landmarks & hidden treasures. Check out the Jetstar feature for their TOP 4 recommendations as a guide & go from there.

If you are wanting to balloon in Victoria, you can fly with us over 2 different areas, Melbourne or the Yarra Valley. Both are absolutely divine and unique in their own way, each providing memories to last a lifetime. For special occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Christmas, head over to our exclusive offers page for your chance to receive a special rate or offer.

We hope you will join us for a hot air balloon sunrise experience soon! 

by Erin Tucci

Best balloon rides around Australia

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