Just floating with the clouds - Aug 5, 2020

Being able to share the magic of ballooning with passengers on the morning and also reading their stories fills our hearts so much, we have to share them with you!! 

William & his wife (aka. Humans Of Global) have described their balloon flight as "floating with the clouds".

" My name is Will. My wife and a friend of ours had the privileged opportunity to take our first balloon ride in February this year.

Just floating with the clouds


Looking back on it we reflect on how wonderful the experience was, from the anticipation the night before to the buffet breakfast at the end, we enjoyed every minute of it!

We were celebrating our friend Tash’s birthday and we surprised her with it, it had always been a dream of hers and she was so emotional when she found out.

The highlights for us were helping with the ropes at takeoff, and of course that incredible Yarra Valley view. To be able to see Rochford, Yering, and all the farming land between Healesville and Yarra Glen really gave a different perspective, even to someone who has grown up and lived in the area his whole life! And to top it all off that buffet breakfast was the perfect end, or shall I say, start to the day.

Just floating with the clouds

The night before we were a little bit anxious, obviously not getting much sleep due to the pure excitement of it all. We weren’t sure how cold it was going to be either, so we were very surprised how warm it was in the basket, especially with those flames!

It’s one of those experiences that ends too quickly, and because it is so quiet up there you feel like you’re stuck in time, just floating with the clouds, literally!

We found it to be more of a peaceful relaxing trip than an adrenaline rush which was interesting.

Just floating with the clouds

We chose Global Ballooning as our local experts in ballon flights in the Yarra Valley and beyond.

We trust the brand and the people that run it. The process was simple and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their first balloon ride. We were satisfied with the standard package which included the buffet breakfast, but perhaps for those who don’t live in the area could make a day trip out of it and see the sights. There is so much to see in the Yarra Valley and surrounds, it’s no wonder people come back and choose to live here!

Thank you again to you and your team for this amazing experience" 

- Will 

Just floating with the clouds


Our absolute pride & joy in everything that we do is ensuring that we fulfill our passengers dreams by operating safe, professional, friendly, high quality flight services.

by Erin Tucci

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