Buller’s Best-kept Secrets

One of the best parts about flying balloons in Mansfield is the fact it’s located at the base of Mt Buller, and we get to fly across the front of the mountain every day. We also spend a lot of time up the mountain skiing and boarding because – well, it’s almost as fun as ballooning.

So, we made a list. Maybe they’re not secrets – but in case you didn’t know, now you do. These are (in our opinion) the greatest places to visit on-mountain if you’re in need of a break between runs.


No need to remove any layers – in fact, you can ski in, hit this hole-in-the-wall for a coffee and be back on the slide in record time. Featuring steaming homemade sausage rolls and Reuban toasties, just to name a few, the Grind’s 2023 menu is already kicking ass. Chuck in a chat with Anton and a complimentary pet treat (if you bring your pup), and you’ll be grinning all the way back to the lift line. Find it under the peaked roofs of Pension Grimus, just left of the ski shop.


Harro is a big name on Buller, and for good reason. His aerial portraits of the Village and surrounding peaks are awe-inspiring, and his studio houses everything from artwork to local handicrafts, which make perfect gifts and mementoes of your time on the hill.


Got sore legs? Need a bit of a breather? Let us recommend a visit to the incredible, onsen-like spa at Breathtaker, with all the trimmings. Sometimes you just need a little extra prompting, right? Well, consider this it.


This is an obvious one: hot cinnamon doughnuts, fresh out of the oil, served in a paper bag to be eaten on the snow. You can find the doughnut man under the stairs in Village Square. Don’t fret – the line moves quickly. Also, no shame if you visit every day. In fact, it’d be rude not to!


More of a tip than a hot spot, downloading this app gives you access to transport on the mountain. It also features little interactive maps showing the village shuttle bus movements in real-time, so if you’re shivering, you can busy yourself watching the little bus icon faithfully making its way towards your stop. Don’t worry; they’ll be here soon!


Speaking of transportation, Global have teamed up with Double Black Alpine to get you down the mountain in style in winter 2023 – to make your afternoon hot air ballooning experience, of course! They’ll bring you directly to Delatite winery, where you’ll meet your pilot and crew (and perhaps partake in a cheeky sparkling) before heading off on your hot air adventure. After a golden winter flight, you can relax and flick through your photos while they chauffeur you back up the mountain to your accommodation, just in time for dinner!

As a bonus, we’ve knocked 20% off all winter afternoon flights this year – visit the Special Deals page on our website for all the details.


A beautiful and carefully curated collection of very stylish ski wear, homewares and gifts. Kym has nailed it here on Buller; it’s such a wonderful shop to browse. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for any snow-lover who maybe wasn’t able to make it to the slopes with you this time, as well as practicalities like waterproofing agents and hand warmers.

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