Hot Air Ballooning 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Soaring High

📷You are witnessing a video that your friends/ family members, or somebody you don’t know was in a wicker basket, rising gently into the sky, with the world stretching out below in a breathtaking panorama. 

You have a feeling that this is something you want to try next! As a first timer, questions may be bubbling up like balloons. Worry not! We’ve got you covered with the top seven questions for a hassle-free ballooning experience.

Question 1: Best Time to Fly? 

Every season has its charm, making ballooning a year-round delight. In summer, you’ll relish clear skies; spring gifts you with lush greenery below, and autumn paints a colorful canvas with misty mornings. 

Each flight is a unique experience, so choose your season and make it your very own treasure or come whenever you are available, we are ready for you!

Question 2: Can I Bring My Camera?

Absolutely! Your camera is your passport to capturing this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Whether you’re wielding a fancy DSLR or a trusty smartphone, be sure to bring it along. 

But remember, as we glide back to earth, you’ll need both hands free to clutch the landing ropes. So, bring a small camera bag or a zip pocket to keep your cherished gadget safe and snug.

Question 3: What to Wear for Ballooning?

Prepare for an active morning amidst the great outdoors. Closed-toe footwear is a must—leave those high heels and flip-flops behind! The morning dew can make your feet chilly and damp, so a spare pair of socks and shoes is a smart move, especially in cooler months. 

Think warm and layered clothing, comfy hiking shoes, toasty socks, and don’t forget a cap to keep the heat from the burners above your heads. Pockets with zips are your best friend to store valuables, while big bags stay grounded—leave them behind. 

Question 4: Can a Hot Air Balloon Fly in the Rain?

Ballooning dances with the weather, and rain isn’t a partner we like to tango with. Raindrops aren’t kind to our balloon fabric, and stormy weather isn’t our idea of safe flying. We’ll have to wait for a clearer day!

Question 5: How to Check Your Flight Status?

Balloon rides are weather-sensitive, so your flight may be cancelled to keep you safe. Once you’re booked in, download our Global Ballooning mobile app and check your confirmation for vital details. We’ll keep you posted on your flight status and the exact meeting time by 6pm the afternoon before your flight date.

Question 6: Flight Cancellation and Rescheduling:

If your flight has been cancelled due to inclement weather, we’ll email you with options to reschedule your adventure via a convenient link. Keep in mind that weekend flights can be popular and book up quickly, so consider weekday alternatives. 

For those unable to reschedule, a refund may be an option, though it is dependent on the terms and conditions on booking. 

Question 7: How Big is the Basket? Can I Sit?

Baskets come in all sizes to fit the occasion. While there’s no cozy seat in the balloon, standing for around 60 minutes is all part of the fun! 

The basket size varies based on the number of passengers, ranging from intimate 2 person baskets to larger ones accommodating up to 24 thrill-seekers.

If you’re hungry for more information, don’t hesitate to float over to our FAQ section. And, for any other questions, drop us an email at [email protected]

Your sky-high adventure awaits—prepare to elevate your senses and embrace the thrill of ballooning. We will see you in the sky!🎈

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