Melbourne balloon flights

Ballooning over the beautiful city of Melbourne - an unforgettable experience

A sunrise hot air balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience. Offering a world-class experience for passengers, Global Ballooning Australia run sunrise hot air balloon flights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

There are few major cities in the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and there certainly is no better way to take in Australia's second largest city.

In the early morning light our balloons drift by the array of parks and gardens that make Melbourne the world's most liveable city. As the city comes to life you will look down from your balloon onto some of the cities iconic sporting venues like the MCG, Melbourne Park and Albert Park racetrack.

If you are looking for a romantic soft adventure that gives you a peek at city life from a totally different angle, then ballooning over Melbourne is a must.


About the Melbourne Balloons:

  • Our balloons provide a 365 degree view, perfect for sightseeing landmarks such as Eureka, MCG and Port Philip Bay. 
  • The baskets include cushioning around the inside for comfort as well as rope handles when in the landing position. 
  • Our balloons are safe, comfortable and meet the standards of CASA.
  • Each basket can hold a maximum of 10 passengers. 
  • On any one day, we could fly up to 5 balloons over Melbourne so look out for our us!
  • Our branded balloons include Nova, Rochford, Zonzo, Chandon, Love and Burt & Davies.
  • Children under the age of 7 years old are unable to fly due to safety regulations.



Melbourne Balloon Flight
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