Why Choose to Fly with Global Ballooning

At Global Ballooning, we understand that choosing the right ballooning experience is more than just an adventure; it’s about entrusting your journey to safe hands. 

Over three decades, we’ve welcomed more than 120,000 passengers to share a sunrise in 35 balloons. However, our passion for ballooning goes beyond accolades and safety records – it’s about the incredible people we meet along the way and the natural wonderland we call our office.

We consider it a privilege to offer guests the experience of a lifetime as they float over the breathtaking landscapes of Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Mansfield. Each day, when the weather is calm, we are fortunate to take to the skies. This unique feeling of freedom, the new perspective on nature, magical sunrises, and unparalleled serenity captures the hearts of our passengers. Our journeys create memories that outlast even the longest of sunrises.

Why Choose Us:

  • Safety and Experience: With a profound commitment to safety and over 31 years of experience, Global Ballooning Australia ensures your journey is both exhilarating and secure. We’ve shared countless magical adventures with our passengers, offering them a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the world from above. Our impeccable safety record is due to our commitment to operate Australia’s best maintained fleet of balloons. Our Maintenance Manager, Barry Ward has attended maintenance courses at the two leading balloon manufacturers Cameron Balloons in Bristol, England and Kavanagh Balloons in Sydney.

  • ONLY the best of the best: We operate as any commercial airline, such as Qantas and in the ballooning space we have always striven to be the crème de la crème of balloon operators. Global’s Director, Kiff Saunders is a delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and is responsible for the issuing of commercial balloon pilot licenses in Australia. He is highly regarded within the industry and holds the highest possible qualifications in ballooning. He has also been inducted into the Australian Ballooning Federation Hall of Fame. Global Ballooning operates one of Australia’s few CASA certified commercial balloon flying training facilities. Majority of all balloon pilots flying over Melbourne have come through our flying school or training facilities, as have many pilots flying balloons around Australia. We also have our own CASA approved maintenance workshop allowing us the facility to conduct regular checks on all our aircraft. The good news for you is we are constantly under CASA review through their periodic audit program which maintains the highest standards of procedures.

Kiff on the right

  • Flexibility: As the largest hot air ballooning company in Victoria, we operate 35 balloons and boast a team of 10 experienced commercial pilots. This means we provide maximum availability and set the industry standard for safety. Whether you plan to fly on a weekend or during the week, we’re ready to make your ballooning dream a reality.

  • Convenience: Forget the traveller’s nightmare of struggling to reach your operator, especially for a sunrise tour. We’re proud to be the first hot air balloon company with its own app. Once you’ve booked and paid, simply download our app, and you can reach out to us through messages instead of calls outside of hours the night before your flight. Stay updated with your flight status, even without an Australian SIM card.

  • Best fit for the Busy Travelers: For the busy traveller or the business professional eager to make the most of their time in Melbourne, hot air ballooning is a must. The Yarra Valley is only 50 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and offers a quick escape, with flights finishing by 8-8.30am in summer, so you can head to the next tour or work after your flight! Choose Melbourne, and you’ll be one of very few in the world to fly over a major city by balloon, witnessing iconic landmarks (wind dependent): you may encounter Eureka Tower , St. Paul’s Cathedral & Melbourne Cricket Ground ect. below, within an hour. 

  • Pure Fun: At Global Ballooning Australia, we’re not just a company; we’re a community of enthusiasts. Our pilots, crew, and office staff are passionate about what they do, turning every journey into an opportunity to share joy. Our shared enthusiasm guarantees an unforgettable experience in the sky.

Join us at Global Ballooning for an experience that’s not just about flying; it’s about making unforgettable memories. Whether you seek adventure, flexibility, or a sense of joy, we’ve got it all covered, with safety top of mind. Discover the world from above with us and let the skies be your playground!


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