Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley balloon flights

Yarra Valley - one of Victoria's most spectacular winery regions.

Located just 1 hour drive from Melbourne CBD, is the Yarra Valley. Well known for it's countryside glamour, wildlife and wine varieties. Hot air balloon flights began here by Global Ballooning Australia in 1992 and have been a popular region to fly balloons ever since.

Unlike the Melbourne location, the Yarra Valley provides views of rolling hills, green landscapes and the chance to see some kangaroos feeding on breakfast as you fly over them during sunrise.

Due to the formation of the Valley, flights actually proceed more often than they do for Melbourne city. For a view of the countryside and a feeling of being miles away from home, venture out to the Yarra Valley, you will not be disappointed. 

About the Yarra Valley balloons:

  • Our balloons provide a 365 degree view, perfect for sightseeing wineries and countryside within the Yarra Valley.
  • The baskets include cushioning around the inside for comfort as well as rope handles when in the landing position. 
  • Our balloons are safe, comfortable and meet the standards of CASA.
  • Balloon sizes vary depending on the pilot flying and their license. Baskets can hold 10, 16 and up to 24 passengers. 
  • On any one day, we can have up to 4 balloons fly at once. Branded balloons include Zonzo  Estate, Balgownie Estate and Chandon.
  • Children under the age of 7 years old are unable to fly due to safety regulations.


Yarra Valley Balloon Flight
Yarra Valley Balloon Flight with Champagne Breakfast
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