Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley balloon flights

Yarra Valley - one of Victoria's most spectacular winery regions.

We are very grateful you are looking at booking a flight over the beautiful Yarra Valley.  Your support during this time means the world to our #HumansOfGlobal and the future of our wonderful Victorian hot air balloon business offering adventure and memory-making moments since 1992.

One of Victoria's most spectacular winery regions, with outstanding vineyards and mountains, the Yarra Valley, a leisurely one-hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD. It is a natural amphitheatre, which makes it the perfect location for a ballooning tour: great views, native fauna and flora, excellent food and wine and stable weather. Let the breeze usher you along the corridors of grape vines and over the Yarra River as you lose yourself in the breathtaking views of mountains that surround the valley. This region has excellent locally grown food/wine and makes for a brilliant full day in the countryside!

About the Yarra Valley balloons:

  • Our balloons provide a 365 degree view, perfect for sightseeing wineries and countryside beauty within the Yarra Valley.
  • The baskets include cushioning around the inside for comfort as well as rope handles when in the landing position. 
  • Our balloons are safe, comfortable and meet the standards of CASA.
  • Balloon sizes vary depending on the pilot flying and their license. Baskets can hold 10, 16 and up to 24 passengers. 
  • On any one day, we can have anywhere between 2 - 9 balloons fly at once.
  • Children under the age of 6 years old are unable to fly due to safety regulations.
  • We also offer balloon flights over Melbourne city and Mansfield

Below's video showcases both Melbourne and Yarra Valley but please keep in mind that they are 2 completely different flights.