Yarra Valley Balloon Flight - Yarra Valley

One hour balloon flight over the Yarra Valley.

Some prefer the scenic route to the Yarra Valley, traversing roads through gnarly vineyards and misty farms until a landscape worthy of silence appears. But the journey across Victoria’s most-loved wine region is unrivalled by hot air balloon.

Just an hour from the bustle of Melbourne CBD, we rise with the sun and finish with a champagne breakfast at Balgownie Estate. As you soar over patchworks of vines set on rolling hills and surrounded by mountains, lightness comes over you – a sense of freedom from the everyday. As the sun rises, so does your spirit, floating over the natural amphitheatre. Just an hour from Melbourne CBD, it doesn’t take much to escape the bustle and reconnect with nature.

The Yarra Valley Balloon Flight package includes

  • Approximate 1 hour Balloon Flight over the Yarra Valley - one of the world’s most picturesque flying regions
  • (Optional) champagne breakfast after the flight
  • Free parking at Balgownie Estate
  • Complete flight and ground insurance
  • Launch and landing government fees
  • Peace of mind that you have chosen to fly with Victoria's leading hot air ballooning operator offering the most professional service. You will be in the hands of the most experienced pilots and ground crew in the business
  • A carbon neutral flight - by choosing to fly with Global Ballooning Australia you will be helping to restore biodiversity and essential habitat for native fauna, improve water quality and salinity problems. Global Ballooning Australia is the only Victorian operator to offset our emissions
  • In-flight photography taken on most flights - opportunity to purchase photos at breakfast
  • (Optional) Return CBD transfers for a fee of $40 per person.
  • A flight certificate and souvenir pack to prove it happened
  • Flights departing 364 days of the year, weather permitting

Schedule for the day

The entire experience lasts 4-5 hours in total so usually completed between 10-11am.

  • Night before your flight (anytime after 6pm) : Check the flight information by listening to the voicemail: 0488 686 444 OR by reading the information on this link: https://www.globalballooning.com.au/yarra-valley/checkin
  • 1.5 hours before sunrise (time confirmed night before) : Meet pilots and crew at designated time and venue; Global Ballooning Australia drive all passengers to launch site
  • Launch : Passengers assist with the set up/ inflation of the balloon
  • Sunrise : Flight for approximately 1 hour
  • Land : After about 1 hour, the pilot will land the balloon; Passengers assist to pack up the balloon which is quite fun
  • Breakfast : Global Ballooning Australia drive all passengers back to meeting point which is where breakfast is held (if this is included in your booking).


This package is wheelchair accessible upon request only. Based on availability.

If the flight is cancelled...

If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather, contact the office on +61 3 9428 5703 within 12 months of your first cancelled balloon flight to rebook for another day. Alternatively, you may be able to receive a refund depending on the Terms and Conditions on your booking.

Is this package refundable?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding a refund.

What is the Yarra Valley check in number?

0488 686 444. Please call the pilot between 6-7pm the night before your flight to check in. You can also check the Yarra Valley check-in page.


We generally meet 1.5 hours before sunrise and this time will vary throughout the different seasons depending on the hour of the sunrise - the below information will give you an indication of meeting times but should be used as a guide only.

For transfers from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley, expect an earlier start by subtracting an hour to the times shown below.

  • January : 4.00am – 4.30am
  • February : 4.30am – 5.00am
  • March : 5.00am – 5.30am
  • April : 5.30am – 6.00am
  • May : 5.30am – 6.00am
  • June : 6.00am – 6.30am
  • July : 6.00am – 6.30am
  • August : 5.30am – 6.00am
  • September : 5.00am – 5.30am
  • October : 5.00am – 5.30am
  • November : 4.30am – 5.00am
  • December : 4.30am – 5.00am

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