Flight Information made easier - download our mobile app! - May 30, 2018

Flight Information made easier - download our mobile app! 

We are proud to announce that a new mobile app is in place now for our passengers, allowing them to Check-in for their flight without having to follow outdated procedures.

This custom build mobile app means that communication between passengers and pilots/ crew is two-way and eliminates uncertainty as well as translation difficulties. 

In the past, passengers were required to call a nominated voice message service to listen to the instructions for the flight the next day. Although for many years this worked brilliantly, with the increase of international visitation and 21st Century technology reliance, we decided to embrace some changes to suit the needs of our customers. We are so grateful to have received such valuable feedback from passengers, travel agents and industry staff (such as concierges) and most of all to Lindsay at GAO Group who introduced us to Chris, our app developer - we're now able to manage communication of our flight updates much more efficiently. 

Here at Global Ballooning Australia, we all pride ourselves on professionalism, safety and excellent customer service. We strive to continuously improve processes and services to suit our customers and partners, as a result providing strong relationships and positive experiences. 

This new mobile app is a classic example of where Global Ballooning have listened to it's customers and designed a new process to aid the customer experience.


When do you need to download the App?

Once a booking has been made, the flight confirmation email states the 3 x steps to follow, as per below.
1. Search for the Global Ballooning Australia in your mobile App Store/Play Store.
2. Click 'Sign Up' and enter your details into the app.
3. Input your Flight Date/Location into the MY FLIGHTS tab 


  • Make sure your notifications are switched ON in your phone settings so you can receive updates.
  • You’ll receive a notification the night before your flight with the updated weather details and also the exact meeting time.
  • If you have changed your flight date, please remember to input your new flight date/location into the app as above.


Flight Information made easier - download our mobile app! 

What are the other features on the App?

The main purpose of the App is to check in for your nominated balloon flight. Other important features that you can have access to include:

  • Safety information, checklist & video (with Chinese translations)
  • Flight itinerary
  • Direct messaging service
  • Our contact information
  • Downloadable documents - waiver form
  • Terms and conditions
  • Basics of balloon flight operations
  • Local destination guide

Flight Information made easier - download our mobile app! 

A lot of time and planning has been put into the new flight information procedure and we hope that it does in fact continue to be of benefit to our customers. 

For those customers who would prefer the original check in procedure, don't worry, we still have the previous procedures in place as well for your convenience. You can check these after 6pm, the night before your scheduled balloon flight:


  • Online 

Melbourne: https://www.globalballooning.com.au/melbourne/flight-update


Yarra Valley: https://www.globalballooning.com.au/yarra-valley/flight-update


  • Phone -

Yarra Valley: 0488 686 444

Melbourne: 0488 686 555


When you book your flight with us, be sure to give our newest technology innovation a try.

We hope this enhances your ballooning experience with us. Feedback is always welcomed! 


by Erin Tucci

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