Meet Scarlett – A woman soaring to new heights

Global Ballooning Australia is a family-owned business that has been soaring high in the hot air balloon industry. The company not only has a strong female representation in the office but also in the sky. Scarlett Saunders, the daughter of CEO and owner Kiff, is one of the rising stars of the company who has been around balloons since childhood.

Scarlett’s love for ballooning started at a young age and after completing her initial flying training in the beautiful Mansfield region, she pursued her passion for ballooning around Australia and Europe. She even set the inaugural Female Australian Hot Air Balloon Altitude Record when she ascended to 23,700ft over Deniliquin in 2019.

Scarlett is now a fully licensed commercial pilot and regularly flies Global Ballooning’s passengers over the stunning Mansfield region and the Yarra Valley.

“Ever since we were young, going commercial was always the goal; once I got my private licence, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. Getting my commercial licence was a pivotal moment – it meant I could start to give back to Global Ballooning some of the amazing things it has given me.”

Her impressive resume includes adventure flights over the Warrumbungles in NSW, Lake Bled in Slovenia, and even Australia’s highest point, Mt Kosciusko.

Scarlett’s achievements have made her an inspiration for young women pursuing their dreams of flying. Her passion, hard work, and determination have enabled her to succeed in a male-dominated industry and break barriers. Scarlett’s success story shows that with the right mindset and opportunities, anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of their gender.

Global Ballooning Australia’s commitment to promoting female leadership and representation is commendable, and it is evident that the company’s values are reflected in its talented team members.

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